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Aussie Home Energy Power Saving Services


Aussie Home Energy Power Saving Services






Solar Power Savings Reduce Electricity Costs


Solar Power Is A Great Solution To Reducing Electricity Costs





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Aussie Home Energy Monitoring Solutions




Aussie Home Energy Saving Services


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Electricity Monitoring System #1

Electricity Monitoring For All Australians

Audio Page Introduction


Introducing the Aussie Home Energy range of electricity monitoring solutions suitable for monitoring your:

  • Total household electricity consumption
  • Solar power generation in Gross / Net FIT environments
  • Multi-circuits / appliances
  • Single appliances


How To Choose An Electricity Monitor




Quick Introduction

  • LCD ELECTRICITY MONITOR - Multi-channel  [max 10] home energy monitor with optional Windows PC based power monitoring software applications. 
  • HUB - Online energy monitoring solution with multi-channels [max 5], your data is easily visible via an online electricity monitoring dashboard or the PVOUTPUT web portal, for total power consumption monitoring and solar power connected via Gross & Net FIT / metering




Aussie Home Energy Electricity Monitoring System #1

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 LCD MonitorIf you are looking for a multi-channel / transmitter electricity monitor, then the Electricity Monitoring System #1 is a great choice. This device is easy to set up and use, with millions of householders around the world choosing the Electricity Monitoring System #1 monitor to help them in their quest to save on electricity costs!

This popular HOME ENERGY MONITOR is commonly used when,


  • The electricity bill is out of control and you want to know WHY!
  • You are questioning the accuracy of your Smart Meter
  • You want to keep an eye on your Solar Power investment
  • You want to analyse your home / business electricity usage and costs, be it on-site or remotely
  • You want to monitor a granny flat, caravan or work shed
  • You want to monitor separate circuits, such as air conditioners & pool pumps
  • You want to see your Time Of Use tariff data LIVE


"I was amazed to know only one transmitter easily monitored the whole house! Yet I had the option to add up to nine more circuits / appliances!

I can keep an eye on the data from anywhere. Now that is a great solution for home electricity monitoring for everyone in Australia!"


In Your Face, On Your PC With Online Access 24/7 From Anywhere!

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1

Easy Electricity Monitoring Solutions Suitable For All Aussie Households

JOIN other Aussie households TODAY whom are already



Learn The Truth To Maximising Electricity Savings!

You are no doubt aware of electricity retailers offering you electricity bill savings of $25 per quarter, with such deals advertised on TV as,

Save $300 Over 3 Years!

Most Aussie householders with bills over $600 per quarter, are unaware they could save far more with very little effort. Considerable savings are easily made by reducing wasted electricity. This wasted electricity is known as standby electricity. This can be built into appliances by design and is often hard  to discover, without an electricity monitoring solution. Visit STANDBY ELECTRICITY to learn more.

TURN IT OFF! - This Could SAVE You $788 Over 3 Years!

This is based on a 30 cents per kWh tariff. What is your standby electricity costing you? TURNING IT OFF is an obvious EASY choice!


Alternative Uses For 50W Of 24/7 Wasted Standby Power?



Becoming An Educated Electricity Savvy Householder

AS YOU CAN SEE educated householders can save far greater than any electricity provider's offer! Importantly this same knowledge will help you too, to move on from being a trapped BILL PAYER!

Increases your household's EDUCATION & AWARENESS!


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 Software

Software Displaying Daily Electricity Consumption




A Smart Home Electricity Monitor

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 LCD MonitorA smart home electricity monitor in your home will display electricity usage / costs and any solar generated power in,

  • Real-time
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

This monitor has the ability to send electricity usage and cost data to your PC when used with a suitable cable and software application. Or you can add a Hub and send the same data online, via your broadband connection. This monitor is suitable for all types of monitoring requirement, be it multiple circuit hard wired or socket, consumption or generation. Supporting up to 10 circuits.


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 Software

Software Displaying Hourly Electricity Consumption



24/7 LCD Wireless In-Home Electricity Monitoring

Our best selling solution for monitoring electricity usage has a large LCD display, supplying you with 24/7 feedback. Importantly reporting electricity costs and usage in real-time, instead of in three months time!

This is truly the missing POWER DASHBOARD for your kitchen, allowing you to start saving immediately!


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 Software

Software Displaying Monthly Electricity Consumption



Monitoring Supplies The Electricity Data You Cannot See



Why Our Electricity
Monitoring Solutions
So Popular?




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It has to be said Knowledge Is Power For All The Family - Imagine if you had at your fingertips, your home's electricity usage and costs 24/7!

Information needed allowing you to take control of your home's energy use instantly! The simple beauty of this Home Energy Monitor, is it displays the electricity your using at any given time. Allowing you to,

  • Change habits
  • Reduce energy use
  • Save money


ELECTRICITY DATA is easily seen on the 24/7 power monitor's display by everyone in your household noting:


  • Real-time electricity costs based on current kWh usage
  • Increases / decreases in electricity usage & costs
  • Electricity kWh usage for the past day, week, month
  • Graphical display showing usage between 7am-3pm the previous day, 3pm to 11pm the previous evening and 11pm to 7am the previous night


In fact there's nothing this home energy monitor does not tell you! Even your power hungry kids will like it! Knowing your electricity usage patterns will allow you to get a better idea of,


  • Any lights / appliances that have been left switched on
  • Where electricity usage is costing you big time
  • What appliances cost you the most to operate
  • What appliances may be inefficient
  • What household habits need to be addressed to maximise electricity savings
  • The $$$'s you can save by reducing 24/7 STANDBY ELECTRICITY
  • The power generated by your Solar PV and fault notification


    By The Time Your Next Bill Arrives
    Your Monitor Could Have Paid For Itself!

    What Have You To Lose?


Some of our monitoring clients have almost




Choosing Your Electricity Monitoring Solution Is As Easy As 1 2 3

    What you need to do is find answers the following:

    1. What Is Your Type Of Power Connection - Is your home connected to single or three phase power? Click HERE to find out how, if you are unsure.

    2. Choose What You Want To Monitor - By default this is normally the whole home. But why not include other circuits, such as the tenant, the shed, appliances such as the AC, your entertainment appliances. The limit is 10 circuits / appliances.

    3. Do You Want To Analyse The Data - If so, this could be either via PC based SOFTWARE or via a dashboard ONLINE. There are software applications ranging from easy to complex. The online options offer you endless information on your electricity usage & costs, accessible via all types of computers, tablets and mobile devices.



Got A Question? Find Your Answers HereStill Got Questions? Find answers to common questions on the Home Electricity Monitoring Solutions we offer, by visiting our FAQ page. Or for more technical information our SUPPORT page. Should you still not be able to find an answer, CONTACT US for a friendly discussion.


Get A Quote For Monitoring Your Power



Discover Your Home's Baseline Electricity Usage?

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 LCD MonitorWhen you are leaving your home, a quick glance at your home electricity monitor's display, will show you your household's baseline electricity usage. This baseline power is the power used when the majority of your appliances are OFF! It should be  LOW!

By monitoring power consumption, you will learn your baseline electricity usage quickly and then be able to reduce where possible, to make savings.

  • What are your refrigeration appliances, heating, A/C or pool pump costing you?
  • What is your 'baseline' electricity usage? This can consist of 24/7 appliances such as, cordless phones, electronic clocks and electric fences


This baseline electricity should be low, for example 50 - 70 watts or less. Not hundreds like in some homes we visit. 150 to 500 watts of STANDBY ELECTRICITY is MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN!

$$$'s That Can Be SAVED By The Flick Of A Switch!


Electricity Problems Easily Discovered!   Why Our Electricity Audits Work!
See The Errors Our ELECTRICITY AUDITS Uncover



Are You Questioning Your Smart Meter Billing?

EDMI Atlas Smart Import / Export Electricity MeterIf you have a Smart Meter installed and are questioning the accuracy of your electricity bill, why not start monitoring home electricity usage independently?

Enjoy PEACE OF MIND and reduced electricity costs in the process. If there does appear to be a Smart Meter billing error, then you will have the evidence to build your case for a refund where possible.

If you are already suffering from Smart Meter Rage we would suggest you visit our ELECTRICITY PROBLEMS page.



REAL Solutions To Rising Electricity CostsAT LAST! There's now a business offering professionally focussed, REAL ELECTRICITY REDUCTION SOLUTIONS, for all Australians!

Not just quick Band-Aid fixes, like money off the bill offers! But solutions to help me finally move on, from the years of being just a BILL PAYER! Thank you Aussie Home Energy...



Use The FREE PC Software To Easily Analyse Your Power Data

Your home electricity data is easily analysed, by connecting your home electricity monitor to a PC and downloading the power monitor's memory data. You can also choose to monitor the usage live 24/7.


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 Software

Detailed Electricity Monitoring Software

See our SOFTWARE page for more details.



See Your Electricity Consumption Online 24/7 From Anywhere

Live home electricity usage and cost data is easily uploaded to the internet by using a HUB. This alternative to the LCD monitor displays your current power usage, but is a major game player by sending your electricity data to an online dashboard. The gateway plugs into your modem / router, meaning there is no PC required.

Shown below is a snapshot of live online electricity data using the PVOutput web portal. The features and benefits of this amazingly powerful web portal are discussed on our ONLINE MONITORING page.


Electricity Consumption - PVOutput Electricity / Solar Monitoring Dashboard

PVOutput Online Web Portal Showing Live Daily Electricity Consumption Graph

ELECTRICITY DATA LOGGING WEB PORTALS are discussed further on our SOFTWARE page.
DEVELOPER style applications listed on our
LINKS page.


Time Of Use Electricity Tariff Supported In Realtime

NOT in 3 MONTHS time but YES in REALTIME!

In 3 MONTHS time any TOU data is of little use! It is the same with the total power displayed by your electricity meter. Both are not really going to help you manage your TOU electricity tariff to benefit you. You simply do not have the needed data! You NEED to be able to access peak, shoulder and off-peak data easily, to be in a position to make changes.

And this is an energy tariff that is advertised as helping you to manage your electricity costs! Not without the necessary tools and required data, that is for sure!

Jump to our ONLINE POWER MONITORING page where we explain TOU monitoring solutions in detail.


TOU  Tariff - PVOutput Electricity / Solar Monitoring Dashboard

Off-Peak @ 34% Shoulder @ 32.1%  Peak @ 33.9% - Note the Peak Power
here would relate to more than half of the electricity bills costs!


Join Team Aussie Home Energy On PVOutput


Click on the banner above to see our ever growing team of solar power and electricity consumption clients, whom choose PVOutput as their preferred online power monitoring solution. We would like you to join with us and become part of the 'Aussie Home Energy' team.

Start monitoring power consumption in your home online by visiting our ONLINE ELECTRICITY MONITORING SOLUTIONS page.



Solar PV Monitoring Solutions

SMA Solar Power InverterOur electricity monitoring solutions are the great tool for monitoring your solar power and making sure the financial return on your Solar PV investment stays on track. Importantly used as a notification system, you can also alert yourself instantly of any solar array / inverter fault!

Why wait for the electricity bill to alert you in three months time? Mind you, that's if you are one of the few householders who look in detail at the electricity bill or even check on the solar inverter!

When was the last time you checked your electricity bill or your solar power inverter? See our SOLAR POWER MONITORING page for all the details.



Discover 'Sunny Hour' Usage To CORRECTLY SIZE A Solar System

If you do not know your 'sunny hour' usage 100% when contemplating the installation of a NET METERED Solar PV System, then you are simply guessing the size of the required system. Alarmingly this also means you are guessing your solar system's return on investment!

Monitoring electricity use is proving very popular with the savvy householder, whom is looking to reduce costs under the roof before installing solar on the roof. It is the electricity monitor's ability to report sunny hour electricity usage, that is so appealing.

Meaning a tailored Solar PV System can be installed to offset your normally imported electricity. Eliminating unwanted excess exported power, which could show only six or eight cents return.

See our SOLAR POWER page for full explanation of how ELECTRICITY OFFSETTING works. Simply install an electricity monitor in your home before you install Solar PV, to make sure your Solar PV is the correct size, to maximise your electricity cost savings.

Install Solar & Slash Electricity CostsCONTACT US NOW to: Book Your Solar Power Assessment or visit SOLAR PV SOLUTIONS and use the online form to enter your details.



Features & Benefits Of Our LCD Energy Monitor


  • Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 LCD MonitorSupports up to 10 circuits / appliances
  • Unlimited LCD monitors
  • Adjustable clock, currency, kWh $, peak & off peak
  • PC connectivity for use with ENERGY MONITORING SOFTWARE
  • Home energy data output to Energy Monitoring Software or online webportals or DIY  spreadsheets
  • Graphical display
  • Power usage alerts via email. Visit our ONLINE MONITORING page
  • Single, two and three phase power connections up to 100A
  • Seven year transmitter battery life [D type]




Discover Big Reductions In Your Electricity Costs!

Finding it hard to reduce your electricity usage no matter how hard you try? You are not alone on this challenging task! Start your home electricity monitoring today, to reduce your electricity costs tomorrow!

Some of our clients have made huge savings, by monitoring their power supply. You could too by discovering where you are letting money simply trickle away.

See the shocking results of what happens to a home's electricity bill, when only a 5% inflationary annual increase is added? See our 5% ELECTRICITY RISE REPORT.





Get A Quote For Monitoring Your Power



Electricity Monitors Can Pay For Themselves Very Quickly

Your Home Electricity Monitor can easily pay for itself, by the time the next bill arrives! Via  the electricity savings you will be making! Further increasing your awareness of electricity usage and costs, where you may learn how to offset some of the future electricity cost hikes.


What Is Your Electricity Use Costing You Right Now?
Are Your Wasting Electricity?

100 Watts Of Wasted Electricity Costs $262 Per Year!

As Prices Go Up, It Gets Worse!


Aussie Home Energy - Residential Home Energy Monitoring Systems Australia


CALL To Monitor & Reduce Power Costs!   t: 02 8064 3992  m: 0428 449 422

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