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Home Energy Monitoring System 1

Best Home Energy Monitoring Solutions



Best Value Home Energy Monitoring Solutions

Aussie Home Energy monitoring solution #1 is great for :

  • Total power consumption : multiple sources
  • Total solar power : multiple inverters
  • Solar power : Gross / Net meter
  • Power box circuits : air con, pool, shed
  • 10A Socket appliances : portable air con, freezer : fish pump
  • Temperature, light and motion sensing
  • SMART Solar Power : Diverting excess export to appliances
  • Data on all platforms, 24 / 7 anywhere
  • Jan 2018 : Current Cost User? : Go HERE to upgrade


How To Choose Your Home Energy Monitor






    Quick Introduction

  • LCD Home Energy Monitor : Multiple energy source with PC software
  • FREE Online Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard : 6 second consumption, solar,  power box circuits / 10A socket appliances, temperature, light and motion
  • Optional Dashboard #2 : PVOutput dashboard for import / export data
  • Optional Dashboard #3 : SMART Solar Power dashboard for excess solar export diversion



How Will A Home Energy Monitor Help You?

6 Second Realtime Home Energy Monitoring DataMultiple Appliance Monitoring

LCD Energy Monitor OR On-line Energy Monitoring Dashboard

Plug N Play Configured : We test and configure your system for you. No more phaffing around with an new learning curve!

Home Energy Monitoring Solutions : Commonly needed when :


  • Electricity bills are totally out of control!
  • Questioning accuracy of your Smart Meter
  • Keep an eye on your Solar Power investment
  • Monitor remote property
  • Monitor granny flat, caravan, shed
  • Analyse separate power box circuits, air conditioner, pool pump
  • Monitor 10A socket appliances
  • Analyse Time Of Use electricity tariff


Multi Source LCD Home Energy Monitor System #1"I was amazed to know only one LCD Energy Monitor and transmitter easily monitored the whole house! With the option of 10 Appliance Monitoring in total, either power box circuits or 10A socket appliances!

Now I can really keep an eye on power used anywhere and importantly my electricity costs!

Adding an online dashboard means I can track my data from anywhere on any device.




Online Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1

Online Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1




Easily Maximise Home Energy Savings!

Big Savings : Reduce overall usage and costly peak power when on a Time Of Use tariff.

Discover Energy Guzzling Appliances : Easily see usage and cost in real-time.

Remove Wasted Power Built Into Appliances : Unfortunately by design, this is hard to discover with no electricity monitoring installed. Visit STANDBY ELECTRICITY to see the maths.


TURNING IT OFF! : Could SAVE You $788 Over 3 Years! [30 cents kWh]

What is your wasted electricity costing you?


Alternative Uses For 50W Of 24/7 Wasted Standby Power?




Become A Smarter Home Energy Saving Householder!

Education Is The Key : Save more than electricity provider's offers! STOP just being a BILL PAYER!


FREE Home Energy Monitor Dashboard Showing Live Solar Power And Budget / Costs

FREE Home Energy Monitor Dashboard Showing Live Solar Power And Budget / Costs


FREE Home Energy Monitor Dashboard Showing Live Consumption, Solar Power / Appliances

FREE Home Energy Monitor Dashboard Showing Live Consumption, Solar Power / Appliances





A Smart Home Energy Monitoring Solution

Supplying That Missing Data : On your tablet, mobile application 24 / 7 any location.

  • Real-time
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly



FREE Home Energy Monitor Dashboard Showing Weekly Electricity Consumption

FREE Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard Showing Weekly Electricity Consumption


FREE Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard Showing Electricity Consumption / Baseline Statistics

FREE Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard Showing Electricity Consumption / Baseline Statistics



Analyse Data : Act : Save Money



Why Our Energy
Monitoring Solutions
Are So Popular?




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Knowledge Is Power : Imagine if you had at your fingertips, all the information you could ever need on your home energy consumption and costs 24/7!

Take Back Control :  A home energy monitoring solution, displaying your electricity usage 24 /7 any location.

6 Second Real-Time Data : Allowing you to :

  • Change habits
  • Reduce energy use
  • Save money


Easy Discoveries : A total home energy saving solution displaying :

  • When appliances are left on
  • Where and when power is used
  • Expensive appliances
  • Appliance efficiency
  • Household habits needing change
  • Solar Power output / efficiency / alert
  • How to size solar power / batteries






Choosing Your Home Energy Monitoring Solution Is Easy

    1. What Is Your Type Of Power Connection : Is your home connected to single or three phase power? Click HERE to find out how, if you are unsure.

    2. Choose What You Want To Monitor : By default this is normally the whole home. But why not include other circuits, such as the tenant, the shed, appliances such as the Air Con, your entertainment appliances. The limit is 5 circuits / appliances per HUB.

    3. How Do You Want To See The Data? : Easily done via an ONLINE energy monitoring dashboard which is now the trend, due to extended features and benefits. Online energy dashboards offer you endless features and benefits on your electricity usage, solar and costs. Easily accessible via all computer types, tablets and mobile devices with their applications.


Create Your Own Home Energy Monitoring Solution
See Our Range Of Home Energy Monitors



Discover Your Home Baseline Electricity Usage?

500 W Or 75 W? : When you are leaving home, a quick glance at your home energy monitor, will show you your baseline home energy usage, when most of your appliances are off.

Reduce And Save : Ask yourself these questions :


  • What is your refrigeration, heating, air conditioning and pool pump really costing you?
  • What appliances are feeding your 'baseline' electricity usage?
  • How much of this baseline electricity is standby electricity?


Baseline electricity should be low, for example 50W to 70W for the average home. NOT 250W or 500W like in some homes we visit. STANDBY ELECTRICITY is 100% MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN!

$$$'s That Can Be SAVED By The Flick Of A Switch!


Electricity Problems Easily Discovered!   Why Our Electricity Audits Work!
See The Errors Our ELECTRICITY AUDITS Uncover



Are You Questioning Your Smart Meter?

EDMI Atlas Smart Import / Export Electricity MeterRecent Smart Meter Installation : Questioning the accuracy of your electricity bill, so why not install a independent home energy monitor?

Enjoy PEACE OF MIND : Reduce home energy costs in the process. If there is a meter or bill error, then you have evidence for a refund.

Smart Meter Rage : We suggest you visit our ELECTRICITY PROBLEMS page.





Online Trend Is Home Energy Monitor Data From Anywhere!

Your Online home Energy Monitoring Dashboard SolutionPortability With Great Features And Benefits : Meaning better analysis for you. Data can be manipulated easily and displayed in many different formats, on many different devices!

Easy Upload Of Energy Data : Home electricity usage / solar power uploaded to energy monitoring dashboard via HUB. This HUB being an alternative or add-on to any existing compatible LCD Home Energy Monitor. The HUB plugs into a spare LAN port on your modem / router.

Maximise Solar Power Investment : All the information you need to know what is happening on your roof and underneath it.



PVOutput Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard Showing Live Daily Electricity Consumption / Solar

PVOutput Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard Showing Live Daily Electricity Consumption / Solar




Support For ALL Aussie Electricity Tariff Types

Flat Tiered Time Of Use [TOU] : All tariff types easily supported and compared.

Get The Data You Need NOW : See PEAK, SHOULDER and OFF-PEAK power. Be in a position to make changes asap on how you are operating your appliances via this tariff.

Correctly Manage Your TOU Electricity Costs : TOU can easily increase your electricity costs. A lot of homes have switched to this tariff, only to see electricity costs rise. This electricity tariff needs instant feedback to work successfully. See this article HERE

Visit ONLINE ENERGY MONITORING explaining TOU electricity monitoring in detail.


PVOutput Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard Showing Live Daily Electricity Consumption / Solar

PVOutput Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard Showing Time Of Use Analysis


Join Team Aussie Home Energy On PVOutput



Monitoring Room Or Appliance Temperatures

Home Energy Monitor System #1 multi-sensorEasily Done : A multi-sensor added to your home energy monitoring system could help answer :


  • Why your Air Conditioner is failing?
  • How to cool that HOT HOUSE efficiently?
  • How hot is your wine cellar?




Home Energy Dashboard Showing Temperature

FREE Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard Showing Temperature


Monitoring Light And Sensor Motion

The multi-sensor allows you to measure light and motion.

NOTE : The motion sensor is not a movement sensor. Meaning the sensor detects the motion of itself, not in the room. The sensor will detect motion such as knocks, jolts, tilt, vibration etc.

See our SUPPORT page for the complete specifications of the temperature, light and motion aspects of this this multi-sensor.


Home Energy Dashboard Showing Light

FREE Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard Showing Light


Solar Power Home Energy Monitoring Solutions

SMA Solar Power InverterInstant Fault Notification : Our home energy monitoring solutions are the best way to make sure you maximise your Solar Power investment.

Instant Solar Inverter Alerts : Why wait for the energy bill in 3 months?

Home Energy Monitoring Email Alerts : Get real time notification via email should there be an issue. Such notifications as listed on SYSTEM ALERTS



Using Your Energy Monitoring Consumption Data

Sizing A Solar Power System : If you do not know your 'sunny hour' usage when contemplating a NET METERED Solar Power System, then you are simply guessing the size of the required system and the future financial return on investment!

Sizing Solar Power Batteries : Tailor the Solar Power System correctly. Know what imported power you are offsetting in the day and allow for solar power for night time usage, stored in batteries.

See our SOLAR POWER page for a full explanation of how ELECTRICITY OFFSETTING maths works.



Online Home Energy Monitoring Features

  • 6 second real-time data
  • Supporting power box circuits / 10A socket appliances
  • Graphical / tabulated data
  • Multiple dashboards / mobile apps
  • Support for all Aussie electricity tariffs flat, tiered, time of use
  • Up to 150 m transmitter transmission range
  • Diversion of solar excess export to appliances
  • Home automation triggering
  • Multiple solar inverters
  • Multiple consumption sources



Join A Team Of Home Energy Monitoring Householders

Easily Start Saving : Finding it hard to reduce your electricity usage? You are not alone on this challenging task! Install a home energy monitoring system today, to reduce tomorrows costs!

Huge Savings : Some of our clients have made huge savings. You could too by discovering where you are letting money simply trickle away.


Get A Quote For Home Energy Monitoring
See Our Range Of Home Energy Monitors


Aussie Home Energy : Home Energy Monitoring System One Australia


Office: 02-8064-3992  02-8064-3992     Mobile: 0428-449-422  0428-449-422


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Alternative Uses For 50W Of 24/7 Wasted Standby Power?


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