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Energy Monitoring System #1

Best Electricity Monitoring Solutions



Aussie Home Energy Monitoring Best Deal

Aussie Home Energy monitoring solutions are great for :

  • Total power consumption : multiple sources
  • Total solar power : multiple inverters
  • Solar power : Gross / Net meter
  • Power box circuits : air con, pool, shed
  • 10A Socket appliances : portable air con, freezer : fish pump
  • Temperature, light and motion sensing
  • SMART Solar Power : Diverting excess export to appliances
  • Data on all platforms, 24/7 anywhere

    Jan 2018 : Current Cost User? : Go HERE to upgrade


How To Choose Your Home Energy Monitor



'The pre and post sale support from Aussie Home Energy is out there on it's own! I felt as if they were actually in our home installing the energy monitoring system, whilst I was on the phone.

Great advice with ongoing support! Even after the house and solar monitoring system was installed.'



24/7 Realtime Energy Monitoring Solutions For Home Or Business



Online Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1

Online Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1




Choice Of 3 Online Energy Monitoring Dashboards


1. FREE Energy Monitoring Dashboard : Supports 5 channels of real-time data via browser or mobile application. Great for consumption, solar, appliance with temperature, light and motion data via multi-sensor. 5 transmitters per HUB / dashboard, multi-sensor being one transmitter.


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 - Dashboard Showing Solar Power In Realtime And Budget
Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 - Dashboard Showing Live Data
Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 - Showing Daily Data
Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 - Showing Comparison, Energy Baseline Analysis

Free Energy Monitoring Dashboard



2. PVOutput Dashboard : [Optional] This dashboard is for Solar Power clients requiring in depth analysis, with support for Gross / Net meters and all electricity tariffs. We configure for you.

Import   Export   Generation   Consumption


    PVOutput Is Great For Solar Power : You can enjoy these Great 7 Features:

  • Total household consumption data
  • Import / Export data
  • Generation data
  • Weekly pdf reports via email
  • Email alerts based on consumption / generation. See SYSTEM ALERTS for detailed information
  • PC based and mobile apps across all hardware platforms
  • Easy access to your data from anywhere 24/7 on any device


    PVOutput Dashboard Showing Consumption And Solar
    PVOutput Dashboard Showing Consumption And Solar


Join Team Aussie Home Energy On PVOutput


Visit ONLINE ELECTRICITY MONITORING and SOLAR POWER MONITORING for more on PVOutput. Our SOFTWARE page has a couple of PVOutput Windows PC based applications.

    Sizing A Solar Power System : You simply need to monitor consumption power.

    Sizing Solar Batteries : Easily done with consumption and solar power monitoring.

    Visit PVOUTPUT



3. Smart Solar Power : [Optional] This dashboard easily adds home automation. Easily send excess solar power to appliances on auto pilot. Easily trigger appliances. Uses Smart Wi-fi devices. Developed by Aussie Home Energy! Visit SMART SOLAR POWER

Import   Export   Diverted   Generation   Consumption


Smart Solar Power Home Automation Dashboard



5 Reasons Our Solar Power Monitoring Solutions Are So Popular?

    Your Solar Power Investment Needs MonitoringSimply because our Home Energy Monitoring Solutions:

  • Alert you of an expensive solar power inverter issue
  • Allow you to reduce imported / exported power
  • Allow you to see if your total consumption has risen since solar
  • Supply you with the data needed to correctly size batteries
  • Offer you additional home automation and solar excess diversion


You CANNOT MAXIMISE your solar power investment with NO MONITORING!
You do not have ALL OF THE DATA!

    ELIMINATE the next electricity bill bringing BAD NEWS!


Mobile Apps

    Daniel Stone's Android App For Consumption, Solar & Multi-SensorsSuggested mobile apps

  • PVOUTPUT MOBILE APPS : All Platforms
  • MONICA PERIS MOBILE APP : IPhone / Apple Watch

    Daniel Stone Key Features

  • Fast 6 second real-time data
  • Supports up to five data channels, including power, solar, temperature, light and motion
  • Naming of data channels
  • View historical power data day, week, month and  year
  • Powerful graphs with horizontal zooming
  • Easily check your energy budget

    AHE Notes : We have tested this app on a 7 inch tablet, mobile phone and even a 40 inch TV. Works well, is nice and simple, yet has the detailed energy monitoring information for each data channel when needed.


    Mark McDonald's Mobile App For Live And PVOutput DataMark McDonald Key Features

  • Fast 6 second real-time data, so you can act fast!
  • Easily see when your solar is being exported for little return
  • Allows you to maximise your solar energy better
  • Data is also pulled off PVOutput


    Choose To Save On Imported Power : Up to now you have not had the required information. Now you do! We know you installed solar power in the first place to save on imported power costs!

    Maximise Your Solar Investment : Loved by the wife and children for ease of display, this fantastic Android app by Mark McDonald simply delivers by shear simplicity for it's live data screen.






How To Get Your Electricity / Solar Power Online

Your Online Energy Monitoring Dashboard Solution1. Install a HUB With Free Energy Monitoring Dashboard: The HUB scans your home for any transmitters / multi-sensors and uploads the data to the manufacturers online dashboard. The HUB uses a LAN port in your ADSL / SIM based modem / router.

2. Install Power Box / 10A Socket Transmitters / Multi-Sensors: Add the required hardware for the HUB to scan and upload online. Add optional dashboards,  PVOutput and Smart Solar Power.

3. Use Your PC Broswer, Mobile Or Tablet : Easily stay connected with your real-time data 24/7 from anywhere.



Choosing Your Electricity Monitoring Solution Easy As 1 2 3

1. What Is Your Type Of Power Connection : Is your home connected to single or three phase power? Click HERE to find out how if you are unsure.

2. Choose What You Want To Monitor : By default this is normally the total home supply and may include a solar power system. But why not include other circuits / appliances such as :

  • A tenant, the caravan or work shed
  • Power hungry air conditioners, heat pumps, your solar hot water boost circuit, irrigation pump etc. which can all be hidden when on a peak tariff. Other circuits such as your entertainment devices, laundry, children's bedrooms all make up a big part of your electricity consumption

3. How Do You Want To See The Data? : Easily done via an online energy monitoring dashboard which is now the trend, due to the extended features and benefits. Dashboards offering you endless information on your electricity usage and costs, accessible via all computer types, tablets and mobile devices. Of course then there is the great selection of mobile applications.




Electricity Monitoring System #1 Electricity And Solar Monitoring System Components


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 HUB And Dashboard

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 Powerbox Circuit Transmitter

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 12mm Current Clamp

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 10A Socket Appliance Transmitter

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 Multi-Sensor Temperature, Light, Motion

Online HUB


Cable Clamp

10A Socket

Multi Sensor
Temp Light Motion




Configured Plug N Play Consumption / Solar Monitoring Solutions

No More Confusion : Yes we know you can get all to confused with monitoring hardware and online configuration. No more boxes of parts.

Eliminating The Hassle :  Though we do offer you the option to self configure if you wish. We know most of you want something that is Plug n Play in every way! This makes us different!

Your complete Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System is :

  • Fully tested and configured
  • Configured with energy monitoring dashboards [manufacturers and PVOutput
  • Supplied with an electricians Dummy Guide for 100% correct installation


  • Step 1 : Once your order is received, we email a service request detailing online dashboard features and ask for criteria needed for configuration
  • Step 2 : We test and configure your hardware and dashboards. By the time your home power monitoring equipment arrives, your 99% there.
  • Step 3 : The electrician installs and activates your monitoring system, you login to see the live data before the electrician leaves your property :)

Delivery / Warranty

  • Posting To : Australia / New Zealand / Worldwide
  • Additional Postage Costs : Applicable when outside of Australia [Email us if non Australia]
  • Delivery Information : Dispatched in 5 working days via Australia Post plus online tracking
  • Warranty And Replacement Parts : Standard warranty is 12 months date of purchase




Consumption / Solar Power Monitoring Systems



    1 Ph Consumption OR 1 Ph Solar Power Online Energy Monitoring Solution

    ONLY $317.00 Fully Configured

    Easily see your single phase consumption OR single phase solar power online 24/7 via PC / MAC browser, tablet or mobile app. 

  • 1 X 5 transmitter HUB
  • 1 X 240V AC/DC adaptor
  • FREE Manufacturer Energy Monitoring Dashboard
  • 1 X 12 mm cable clamp
  • 1 X wireless transmitter
  • FREE P&P via Australia Post
  • Hardware / online dashboard testing & configuration



Configure Your
 Own System &
Save $50!




    3 Ph Consumption OR 3 Ph Solar Power

    ONLY $357.00 Fully Configured


DIY Configuration
Save $50!




    1 Ph Consumption And 1 Ph Solar Power

    ONLY $397.00 Fully Configured


DIY Configuration
Save $50! ONLY $347




    3 Ph Consumption And 1 Ph Solar Power

    ONLY $437.00 Fully Configured


DIY Configuration
Save $50! ONLY $387




    3 Ph Consumption And 3 Ph Solar Power

    ONLY $477.00 Fully Configured


DIY Configuration
Save $50! ONLY $427
















Tablet In Home Power Monitoring Display7 Inch Tablet For Realtime Display Of Home Consumption And Solar Power

ONLY $77.00 Plus P&P

    Use this as your Home Energy Monitor. Easily see when your Importing / Exporting in realtime!

    Use the tablet further to create your own DIY Power Audit by taking it around your home. TABLET SPECS

  • 1 X 7in Android 4.4 Tablet [512MB RAM Core 1.5Mhz]
  • 1 X 240V AC/DC Adaptor
  • 1 X USB cable







Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 Multi-Sensor Temperature, Light, MotionSystem #1 Multi-Sensor

ONLY $77.00 Plus P&P

    Add temperature, light / motion. Powered by CR2032 [Life 3 Months]. We can modify to 2 X AA batteries giving you 2250 mAh compared to 225 mAh 10 X life

  • 1 X multi-sensor in clear case box
  • 1 X CR2032 battery [Life 3M]







Easily Create Your Own DIY Home Electricity Monitoring Solution

Select A HUB : Add transmitters for power box circuits, 10A socket appliance transmitters or a multi-sensor [temperature, light, motion]. Maximum is 5 transmitter per HUB.


HUB Plus Free Online Energy Monitoring Dashboard

Your Online Energy Monitoring Dashboard SolutionONLY $124.95 Plus P&P

Data displayed in real-time via online Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard.

Easy 24/7 access via PC / MAC, tablet and mobile app to total electricity consumption / solar power / other power box / 10A socket  appliance data / multi-sensor data.

  • 1 X 5 transmitter HUB
  • 1 X LAN cable
  • 1 X 240V AC / DC adaptor
  • Adaptor Specs Support International Voltages
    Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.18A Output 5VDC 0.5A


NEWS : Current Cost MyCurrentCost Upgrade

PVOutput Users : We offer data transfer service or DIY.

Upgrade Options : From a 4 / 10 channel Netsmart bridge / gateway are:

  • Add a HUB [Each HUB supports 5 X transmitters]
  • Add a HUB with PVOutput data transfer service
  • See this blog post for more information :


Overseas : P&P for US / UK $29.95 [Will quote for other]




HUB + PVOutput
Data Transfer Service




HUB + PVOutput
Data Transfer Service



Aussie Home Energy Monitor 12mm Cable ClampCable Clamp

ONLY $19.95 Plus P&P

Add an extra clamp/s when one clamp is not enough, especially when clamping multiple single phase circuits. Clamps are easily attached in minutes.

  • 1 X [12 mm] 100A Cable Clamp
  • Size cm H 6 W 5.5 D 2.75






Aussie Home Energy Monitor 12mm Cable Clamps3 Ph Power Pack

ONLY $39.95 Plus P&P

For phases 2 and 3 of a 3 phase circuit OR where more than one clamp is required for single phase circuits. 

  • 2 X [12 mm] 100A Cable Clamps






Aussie Home Energy Wireless TransmitterTransmitter

ONLY $49.95 Plus P&P

This wireless 433Mhz transmitter sends power data to the HUB connected to your modem / router.

Suggested maximum current rating per phase is 100A. Transmitter has 3 inputs [supporting 3 phases or a SUM of 3 X single phases].

Transmitter uses 2 D type batteries [7 year use].

  • 1 X Wireless Transmitter
  • Size cm H 14 W 10.5 D 6






Aussie Home Energy Powerbox Transmitter With One Current ClampTransmitter For 1Ph Circuit

ONLY $69.90 Plus P&P

Primarily used to add a single phase power box circuit to your monitoring system. Monitor your solar power, or circuits such as air conditioning, hot water heat pump, pool pumps, tenant or workshop.

  • 1 X Wireless Transmitter
  • 1 X [12 mm] Cable Clamp






Aussie Home Energy Powerbox Transmitter With Three Current ClampsTransmitter For 3Ph Circuit

ONLY $109.85 Plus P&P

Easily add another three phase power box circuit.  Monitor solar power, large ducted air conditioning, irrigation / bore pumps, pool pumps or workshop.

  • 1 X Wireless Transmitter
  • 3 X [12 mm] Cable Clamps






Aussie Home Energy Extended Range Transmitter For Solar Array In Paddock150m+ Extended Range Transmitter

ONLY $49.95 Plus P&P

An IDEAL SOLUTION for Solar PV monitoring when the array is sited more than 150 metres from your home. Used also to add signal strength and distance, to large residential / business installations.

Select your chosen home monitoring solution, then add the Extended Range Transmitter modification. YES we will also modify any existing transmitter you may have. This is the cost for parts, modification, testing and return P&P.

  • 1 X Modification Including Parts [Not transmitter]






Aussie Home Energy Monitoring USB Connectivity Cable White - DefaultPC Connectivity Cable : Default

ONLY $14.95 Plus P&P

Connects your LCD Energy Monitor via an RJ45 to USB port so you can see up to 10 channels of data via PC based Windows SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS.

This cable uses the Prolific driver set, which supports Win XP, Vista 7 32 bit. Use the alternative cable for Win 7 64 bit, Win 8 & 10 is our Silicon Labs driver.

  • 1 X USB Prolific Cable






Aussie Home Energy Monitoring USB Connectivity Cable - AlternativePC Connectivity Cable : Alternate

ONLY $24.95 Plus P&P

Visit the SOFTWARE page for the NECESSARY software drivers for PC & MAC. Applications are only available for Windows OS users. This cable uses the Silicon Labs driver and works well with Win XP / 7 / 8 / 10 & MAC. Cable varies in colour as we build these using a modified LAN cable.

  • 1 X USB Silicon Labs Cable






Aussie Home Energy Monitoring Individual Appliance 10A Socket TransmitterIndividual Appliance Transmitter IAT

ONLY $44.95 Plus P&P

Sends appliance data to your LCD monitor or online energy monitoring dashboard. An easy solution for more energy granularity.

1 X 240V 10A Socket Transmitter



3 Pack ONLY $119.95
Plus P&P Go



Aussie Home Energy LCD Energy Monitor Battery PackPortable AA Battery Pack

ONLY $24.95 Plus P&P

Adds mobility to your LCD Energy Monitor. Battery powered up to 72 hours during an audit or system install.

  • 1 X AA Battery Power Case

Note: See our alternative option for a mobile LCD Energy Monitor on our DIY HOME ELECTRICITY AUDIT page.






Aussie Home Energy LCD Energy Monitor10 Channel Home Energy Monitor

ONLY $69.90 Plus P&P

View your home electricity consumption, solar power and up to 8 more circuits. Add power box transmitters clamps / 10A socket transmitters.

  • 1 X ENVI/R 10 Channel LCD Energy Monitor
  • 1 X 240V AC / DC adaptor






LCD Energy Monitor Power SupplyEnergy Monitor Power Supply

ONLY $19.95 Plus P&P

240 volt monitor power supply 3V DC 80mA output. DC plug is 10mm with 2.5mm ID

  • 1 X black 240V AC / DC adaptor





Got A Question? Find Your Answers HereStill Got Questions? Find answers to common questions asked about our Home Electricity Monitoring Solutions. Please visit our FAQ page, or for more technical information our SUPPORT page. Should you still not be able to find an answer, CONTACT US for a friendly discussion.



Delivery / Warranty

  • Posting To : Australia / New Zealand / Worldwide
  • Additional Postage Costs : Applicable when outside of Australia [Email if country not specified]
  • Delivery Information : Dispatched in 5 working days via Australia Post plus online tracking
  • Warranty And Replacement Parts : Standard warranty is 12 months date of purchase


Aussie Home Energy : Monitoring System One Australia : Buy Now


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