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Electricity Monitoring System #1

All information on this page is being transferred to the Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Online Monitoring Of Temperature

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Online Monitoring Of Light

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Online Monitoring Of Motion






Energy Monitoring System #1 Online HUB

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3This HUB is a fantastic box of minature electronics able to monitor, collect and send data online every 6 seconds from up to 5 channels to a secure FREE Energy Monitoring Dashboard.

    You choose what you want to monitor up to a maximum of 5 transmitters / sensors. For example:

  • 5 Power Transmitters [Powerbox or 10A socket]
  • 4 Power Transmitters & 1 Temperature / Multi-Sensors
  • 3 Power Transmitters & 2 Temperature / Multi-Sensors
  • 2 Power Transmitters & 3 Temperature / Multi-Sensor


    Types Of Power Input Supported

  • Total House Power
  • Sub Distribution Board / 10A Socket / Powerbox Circuit
  • Solar Power / Alternative Generation


    Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Live View kWh CounterDetailed Power Data Display

  • Realtime kWh data for each circuit / appliance
  • Adjustable budget setting with feedback
  • Monthly kWh usage so far with predicted total usage for month
  • Home energy baseline / standby power rating with costs
  • Daily & weekly energy decrease / increase
  • Energy rating compared to average home
  • Graphical daily, weekly, monthly, annual kWh consumption data


    Detailed Temperature Light And Motion Dashboard

  • Realtime temperature, light and motion data from each multi-sensor
  • Historical graphs [day, week, month] for temperature and light with mouse over values and adjustable time frames



FREE Online Energy Monitoring Dashboard

  • Imported Power
  • Solar Generated Power
  • Dishwasher
  • Tumble Dryer


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Dashboard Showing Solar Power In Realtime And Budget

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Dashboard Showing Consumption, Solar Power, Appliances In Realtime Graphical Format

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Dashboard Showing Consumption, Solar Power, Appliances In Daily Statistical Graphical Format

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Dashboard Showing Comparison, Energy Baseline Analysis


Click HERE or on any of the above images to enlarge.


Optional Temperature, Light & Motion Monitoring : Easily done by adding a multi / temperature sensor. Scroll down the page for more information.

Quick And Easy Install : The HUB itself requires a spare LAN port on your modem / router. By default we configure / test the hardware and setup the FREE Energy Monitoring Dashboard for you. You simply login! 

Data from all transmitters and sensors is uploaded in real-time every six seconds, making the System #3 the ideal tool to perform a DIY Home Power Audit easily from your tablet, whilst you walk around your home  turning appliances on /off.


24/7 In Home Display Power Monitoring Dashboard - Showing Power Data And Temperature, Light / Motion

A 24/7 In Home Display Is The Best Power Awareness Tool

Feedback Creates Action And Savings Of Power Costs



Monitoring Your Gross / Net Metered Solar

Solar Power & Electricity Consumption MonitoringTotal Power Consumption & Solar Power : Whether your solar power is Gross / Net FIT you will be able to see your solar power data on the FREE Energy Monitoring Dashboard above.

Solar Power With Net FIT : Let's face it, when your a NET FIT customer Solar Power Monitoring is not going to work for you unless you see your total consumption, generation and import / export calculation in realtime.

For this to occur you need your data on PVOutput.

In a Net FIT environment,

Consumption = Import + Generation - Export


Live Solar Power & Consumption On PVOutputSolar Inverter With Wi-Fi / Blueteeth - Where you have the ability to get your inverter's data either into a PC / MAC application or onto the internet, if your system is supported by PVOutput [See HERE] then we can simply add the consumption data channel, to allow for the above import / export calculations. 

With your inverter already sending data to PVOutput you only need to add the HUB and the required consumption transmitter and current clamps.

We Configure And Setup Your Energy Dashboards - YES Scary! Not  a problem though as we set all of this up for you! You simply login! See our SERVICES page for all the information.

See our ONLINE ELECTRICITY MONITORING page for a better understanding of the features and benefits of PVOutput. Go HERE to see live consumption data using the HUB on PVOutput.


Mark McDonald Android App For Consumption & SolarConsumption & Solar Power In 6 Second Realtime - Our clients are raving about this Android app by Mark McDonald!

One app for all the data on PVOutput with the added bonus of LIVE 6 second data from the manufaturer's dashboard. The latter displayed via an easy to understand screen! No more guesswork now as to whether your importing or exporting!

EASILY SEE - What you are consuming, importing / exporting and generating in realtime! Loved by the wife and kids, this fantastic Android app delivers by simplicity.

AHE Notes - Tested V2.4 Sep 2015 & V2.15 Jun 2016





More Energy Monitoring Mobile Apps




Daniel Stone Android App For Consumption, Solar & Multi-Sensors

    Key features

  • Nice and simple front door to app
  • Supports one to five data channels, including power, light,  temperature and motion
  • Name individual channels
  • View historical power data from past day, week, month and  year
  • Powerful graphs with horizontal zooming
  • Easily check your budget


    AHE Notes - We have tested this app on a 7 inch tablet and mobile phone. Works well, is nice and simple, yet has the detailed energy monitoring information for each channel of data when required.

    This mobile energy monitoring app has further exciting enhancements in the pipeline.






Monitoring Room Temperature Or Appliance

  • Why not use a remote temp sensor for clarification of your Air Conditioners correct operation in boost or economy modes modes in relation to the temperature settings?
  • Suffering from a HOT HOUSE? Why place these sensors around your house so you can later analyse.
  • Did you know your Air Conditioner may have an economy mode?


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Online Energy Monitoring Portal Showing Temperature Data



Monitoring Light Within Your Home


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Online Energy Monitoring Portal Showing Light Data



Using The Additional Multi-Sensor Monitoring Data

Putting the additional data to good use is always the hardest part of the task. Whist we have many ideas for the uses of this additional data, such as the switching on / off of outlets and appliances, or to send email / SMS alerts we would love to know of your ideas for the same.

Uses of the multi-sensor could be:


  • Fridge / freezer monitoring temperature
  • Heatpump / Air Conditioner efficiency relating to temperature


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Multi Sensor In Clear Plastic CaseNOTE : The motion sensor is not a movement sensor. Meaning the sensor detects the motion of itself [in this case the plastic box]. The sensor will detect motion such as knocks, jolts, tilt, vibration etc.

This inside / outside battery powered multi-sensor is supplied in a clear plastic box, to allow the device to be more user friendly and maximise type of installation. The device is powered by a CR2032 [Life 3 Months], though we can modify to your needs. A AA battery pack fits nicely into the same box, offering 10X more life [2250mAh compared to 225mAh]

See our SUPPORT page for the complete specifications of the temperature, light and motion aspects of this this multi-sensor.



Supported Sensors & Power Transmitters

The Monitoring System #1 online dashboard supports a mix of sensors, where each circuit / appliance is clearly defined.


  • 5 Power Transmitters [either powerbox or 10A socket]
  • 4 Power Transmitters & 1 Temperature / Multi-Sensors
  • 3 Power Transmitters & 2 Temperature / Multi-Sensors
  • 2 Power Transmitters & 3 Temperature / Multi-Sensor


NOTE: You can select either Monitoring System #1 or #2  hardware to work alongside the System #3  multi-sensors. You cannot mix System #1 and System #2 hardware as the HUB will default to one type.


Supporting System #1 Transmitters & Clamps

Supporting System #1 Individual Appliance Transmitters

System #3 : 5 Channel Data Energy Monitoring HUB


Supporting System #3 Multi-Sensors & Temperature Sensors

System #1
Cable Clamp
Powerbox Transmitters
[Default Transmitter]

System #1
10A Socket
[Default Transmitter]

Online Energy
Monitoring Dashboard


System #3
Temp Light Motion
[Multi-sensors or Temperature sensors]



    System #1 Free Energy Monitoring Dashboard Features

  • Supports up to a mix of five powerbox / 10A socket transmitters / multi-sensors
  • Easy access to your power data 24/7 from anywhere
  • See your energy data on a PC, MAC, tablet and via mobile apps for all platforms
  • Eliminate electricity bill rage, by monitoring energy costs in real time
  • View your daily, weekly, monthly, usage with easy-to-read graphics
  • Analyse 12 months of energy data to see where your costs are highest
  • Teach your family about energy use and saving
  • Graphs support mouse over pop up statistics
  • AHE Notes

  • HUB data now supported by PVOutput. See our SUPPORT page for up to date details
  • Multi-sensors are battery powered CR2032 [life 3M]. We can modify this to AA/AAA or AC/DC
  • HUB supports either System #1 OR System #2 hardware platforms [NOT A MIX OF BOTH]
  • HUB supports System #1 current clamp transmitters [1Ph & 3Ph] / 10A socket transmitters
  • HUB supports System #2 current clamp transmitters [1Ph & 3Ph]



Existing Monitoring Systems Supported

LCD Energy Monitor And No Online Presence? : So you already have an existing compatible [System #1 OR #2] electricity monitoring hardware installed in your home. A common question is:

    Question: Can I install a HUB with my existing compatible LCD monitoring system?
    Answer: YES you will see the data appear in realtime on your online monitoring dashboard.


If you have either an LCD monitor from System #1 & #2 installed, the System #3 HUB will automatically see the same hardware [ie the transmitters] during initialisation.

You simply select and name the transmitters detected and create you new realtime monitoring dashboard. It really is as easy as 1 2 3!

There is NO PAIRING of transmitters to HUB required as it happens on auto-pilot!

Note : The above process will NOT affect any existing pairing of transmitter to LCD monitors.


    Question: Can I add a multi-sensor to my existing power monitoring hardware?
    Answer:  YES you can, a multi-sensor will appear during the same initialisation process.




Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Multi-SensorSystem #1 Multi-Sensor

ONLY $77.00

    Add a multi-sensor/s for temperature, light and motion data. We can modify to suit AA/AAA or AC/DC adaptor on request.

  • 1 X multi-sensor in clear case box
  • 1 X CR2032 battery [Life 3M]






Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #3 - Android Tablet7 Inch Tablet For Realtime Display Of Home Consumption And Solar Power

ONLY $77.00

If your Solar is Net FIT metered meaning your sending the power to the grid for little return [6 / 8 cents] in most cases, you will be interested in one of these tablets running an Android app showing you when your Importing / Exporting for sure. 6 second realtime! See the above video.

Use the tablet further to create your own DIY Power Audit by taking it around your home. TABLET SPECS

  • 1 X 7in Android 4.4 Tablet [512MB RAM Core 1.5Mhz]
  • AC/DC Adaptor, USB cable




Office : 02 8064 3992      Mobile : 0428 449 422





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