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Online Electricity Monitoring

Solutions For Getting Your Energy Data Online


Aussie home electricity monitoring solutions are great for :

  • Multiple power consumption sources
  • Multiple inverters
  • Solar power via Gross / Net meters
  • Individual power box circuits
  • 10A Socket appliances
  • SMART Solar Power : Excess export to appliances on auto pilot
  • Data on all PC / Mobile hardware platforms


Choosing An Aussie Home Energy Monitoring Solution




PVOutput For Solar Power And Consumption Monitoring

Visit PVOutput To See Our Clients OnlineIcing On The Cake : Extended features and benefits for electricity consumption and solar power.

Easy Display : Displaying your electricity / solar data in easy or complex modes, making it the ideal choice for everyone.




Worldwide Online Electricity Monitoring Setup ServiceWorldwide Solar Power / Consumption Energy Monitoring Setup Service

We can add your solar inverters data easily to PVOutput. If you already have your solar inverters data on PVOutput via it's own means, then we simply add the CONSUMPTION DATA.

So you importantly know your import / export!.

We offer you this great service when:

  • You purchase one of our Electricity Monitoring Systems
  • You want to connect your existing compatible system to PVOutput
  • You have your solar inverters data blue tooth / wifi on PVOutput and need consumption data


Short Of Time Or Knowledge : Visit our SERVICES page for more information We remove the pain and hassle of the process for you, no matter where you live on this planet!

Bundled Online Electricity Monitoring Solutions : Visit MONITORING SYSTEM #2


See Your Solar & Consumption Data Online : Join Team Aussie Home Energy On PVOutput

See Our Client's Data LIVE On PVOutput



Simply Power Up The Hardware And Login

Your Online Home Energy Monitoring Dashboard SolutionEndless Solutions : Your choice of hardware based on what you want to monitor and how you wish to see the data. Appliances easily monitored via meter box transmitters or 10A socket transmitters.

Single Or Three Phase : Send us a picture of your meter box.

Our Bundled 'Plug N Play' Options : Easy choices for you.


  • 1 Phase Home Consumption   OR 1 Phase Solar Power
  • 3 Phase Home Consumption   OR  3 Phase Solar Power
  • 1 Phase Home Consumption   AND 1 Phase Solar Power
  • 3 Phase Home Consumption   AND 1 Phase Solar Power
  • 3 Phase Home Consumption   AND 3 Phase Solar Power



Your Online Energy Monitoring Dashboard Options

Manufacturers Dashboard : Free dashboard displaying up to five circuits / appliances / temperature, light and motion. No Solar Net maths. Supports flat rate electricity tariff.

Import   Generation   Consumption


PVOutput Dashboard : [Optional] Great for:

  • Solar power, total consumption and appliances
  • Endless graphical / tabular data
  • Email alerts, weekly reports
  • Gross / Net maths
  • All Aussie electricity tariffs


Inverter's Data Online? : If already online we may be able to transfer it to PVOutput. See PVOutput HELP and check out 'auto upload'. If supported we simply add the consumption hardware and data.

Import   Export   Generation   Consumption


Smart Solar Power Dashboard : [Optional] Developed by AHE this dashboard diverts solar excess power to your appliances on auto pilot. Triggering Smart Wifi Plugs / Appliances. Supports multiple inverters and consumption sources. Helping you truly maximise your solar power investment.

Visit Smart Solar Power HELP for all the details.

 Import   Export   Diversion / Triggering   Generation   Consumption



Home Electricity Consumption Analysis

Home Electricity Consumption MeterReal-time Electricity Data : Your electricity monitoring solution will supply real-time data, meaning you can now:

Act   Manage   Save


Detailed Information Analysis : Accessing data in real-time, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years. Graphical data, tabular data, csv files. You can now:

          Analyse   Save


Data On Any Device Anywhere : PC / MAC / Android, tablets, mobile apps. Keeping you in touch. 


PVOutput Features And Benefits : FEATURES AND BENEFITS [pdf]


  • Electricity consumption, solar power analysis
  • Support for all electricity tariffs with easy comparison tool
  • Live, daily, weekly, monthly, annual data
  • SYSTEM ALERTS via email for high usage and standby power
  • Mobile apps for IPhone / Android / Windows. Windows PC LIVE alerts. See PVStats and Solar Tray on our SOFTWARE page



PVOutput Solar Monitoring Dashboard : Live 24 Hour Graph

PVOutput : Live 24 Hour Graph


PVOutput Solar Monitoring Dashboard : Daily Data

PVOutput : Daily Data



Time Of Use [TOU] Australian Electricity Tariff Support

All Australian Electricity Tariffs Supported : Flat rate, off peak, tiered rate and time of use. A comparison tool allows you to better manage the time of use tariff and compare it to a flat rate, based on your usage.  Learn more about the TIME OF USE ELECTRICITY TARIFF  

Detailed Analysis Of TOU : Easily see how you are using your power on a TOU tariff. Usage and cost breakdown of PEAK, SHOULDER and OFF-PEAK in realtimre or via graphs, table and pie charts.

Real-Time Data   Act   Manage   Save


PVOutput Solar Monitoring Dashboard : TOU Analysis



See Your Solar & Consumption Data Online : Join Team Aussie Home Energy On PVOutput



Choosing Your Electricity Monitoring Solution Is As Easy As 1 2 3

    What you need to do is find answers the following:

    1. What Is Your Type Of Power Connection : Is your home connected to single or three phase power? Click HERE to find out how, if you are unsure.

    2. Choose What You Want To Monitor : By default this is normally the whole home. But why not include other circuits, such as the tenant, the shed, appliances such as the AC, your entertainment appliances. The limit is 10 circuits / appliances.

    3. How Do You Want To See The Data? : Easily done via an ONLINE energy monitoring dashboard which is now the trend, due to extended features and benefits. Online energy dashboards offer you endless information on your electricity usage & costs and solar power. Easily accessible via all computer types, tablets and mobile devices with their applications.


Online Electricity Monitoring Solutions



Solar Power System Online MonitoringSupporting NET Metering

Import Export Generation Consumption : Easy analysis of your inverter's power and total consumption. Increasing awareness of when your importing or exporting power.

    Some of the great features of PVOutput are :

  • Very manipulative graphs and tables
  • Generated solar power forecasts for the next three months
  • Email alerts for usage / solar generation criteria
  • Weekly REPORTS via email, highlighting generation, efficiency, credits and debits


    Not forgetting you can :

  • Discover similar solar installations within the same geographical area
  • Compare live or daily solar power data with other systems, by date or postcode
  • View periodic solar power generation forecasts
  • Input data for split arrays


PVOutput Solar Monitoring Dashboard : Import / Export

Tablet Showing Net Import / Export Power On PVOutput



See The True Power Of PVOutput LIVE



Take a test drive by looking at our LIVE client's data HERE or click on the images below.





Live Solar & Consumption

Click Images
To Enlarge

Detailed Weekly Analysis For Everything

Live Solar & Consumption


Detailed Weekly Analysis




Time Of Day Solar Power Generated


Solar Power Generated & Exported

Time Of Day Solar Power Generated


Solar Power Generated & Exported






Solar Power Money Analysis


Solar Power Energy Analysis

Solar Power Money Analysis


Solar Power Energy Analysis




Solar Power & Consumption Stats


Solar Power Seasonal Efficiency

Solar Power & Consumption Stats


Solar Power Seasonal Efficiency






What Is Your Total Consumption With Net Solar Power?

A Difficult Question For Many : Why? Because :

      Before Net meter installation   Consumption   =   Imported Power

      After  Net meter installation   Consumption   =   Generation   +   Import   -   Export


What You Need And Why? : To be in a position to manage your consumption, import and export power you need data. Data for educated decisions based on fact, thus maximising the use of your generated power. All helping you save more off electricity costs fast. Easily see :

  • Efficiency Of Your Solar System
  • Imported  Energy
  • Exported Energy
  • Net Energy / Power


The New In Home Energy Monitor : Once your data is online you can see all of the above at a glance. Check out this simple Android app by Mark McDonald, easily installed on your mobile / tablet in the kitchen. It looks great and even the kids know what is happening!


Mark McDonald's App For PVOutput




Email Alerts

Instant Notification Alerts :  EMAIL ALERTS can be set for :

  • Idle System Alert
  • Low Output Alert
  • High Usage Alert
  • Performance Alert
  • Standby Cost Alert
  • Solar System Comparison Alerts
  • High Net Alerts
  • Low Net Alerts



Weekly Consumption And Solar Power Reports

Email PDF : Weekly reports for generation and consumption data. Sample PVOUTPUT WEEKLY REPORT



See Your Consumption And Solar At A Glance

Desktop PC Monitor For PVOUtput UsersPC And Mobile Based Apps : There is a fantastic choice of mobile apps across all platforms. Plus two Windows based PC apps, allowing you to keep an eye on your PVOutput data via your desktop.

See PVStats and Solar Tray on our SOFTWARE page.





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Office: 02-8064-3992  02-8064-3992     Mobile: 0428-449-422  0428-449-422


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