What Is Your Electricity Supply Connection?


This is a question we ask so we can supply the correct hardware for monitoring your consumption or solar power.

We are wanting to know how many phases are coming into your home. Common is one meaning your single phase or three meaning your three phase. If you have solar power this could be single or three phase, when connected to a three phase supply.

In your power box one large fuse means single phase, whilst three large fuses mean three phase. View here an example of a 3 PHASE METER BOX.

Take a close look at your electricity meter/s. If you see 3Ph anywhere, then you are three phase. This three phase meter will often have 415V after the 3Ph on the ID label.

Otherwise you will see 1Ph with 240V stated. [Note if there are two meters, the Off-Peak hot water will always be single phase.

If you are still in doubt, no problem! We can talk you through a visual inspection of your power box over the phone. It only takes minutes to confirm!

If you have an electricity bill handy, sometimes three phase is reported as three individual kWh readings on the bill. You will see the inclusion at the end of the kWh readings, as -1 -2 -3 for example. In this case this meaning you are connected to a three phase electricity supply. Some houses may even be connected to two phases, though this is quite rare.

You can Email / SMS an image of the inside of your power box. We will then confirm your home electricity connection. See CONTACT US for details

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