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Aussie Home Energy Power Saving Services

Aussie Home Energy Power Saving Services


















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Aussie Home Energy Saving Services


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Choosing Your Power Monitor


We offer you Home Power Monitoring Systems suitable for :

  • Household electricity consumption
  • Solar power generation in Gross / Net FIT environments
  • Power box circuits / 10A socket appliances
  • Temperature, light and motion


This page explains the basics of home energy monitoring and will steer you towards the correct solution for your home.






Making The Correct Choice For Your Home Power Monitoring

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring SolutionsRemember this if you choose your electricity monitoring system with an educated mind, you will get the most out of your system and start making electricity savings quicker!

All of our home electricity monitoring solutions work in a similar manner, having slightly different features and benefits.

We offer you Electricity Monitoring Solutions to get your home, business and solar electricity data:

In Your Face   :   On Your Computer
On Your Mobile Device


"Before getting a home power monitor installed our electricity bills were up around the $1100 mark per quarter!  Now after paying attention to our power usage via the monitor, we have managed to get them down to between $700 to $800. Now that is a big saving. Thank you Aussie Home Energy....."



HELP From The Experts

We have been testing, configuring, benchmarking and supplying power monitors, to a large selection of householders and small business owners in Australia since 2010.


    Our Promise To You

    What makes us different is this, we do not just sell electricity monitors. We sell electricity monitoring solutions! We will not sell you a power monitoring solution unless we are 110% sure, it will meet your monitoring needs. That is why we make sure we have as much information as possible, before we decide to help you!

    And successful monitoring solutions time and time again is the reason why our clients recommend our business time and time again. See our TESTIMONIALS page, to hear what they are saying.



A Few Basic Requirements Before Making Your Choice

Like any new technology there are a few basic understandings / requirements that will steer you towards the correct choice of a suitable power monitoring solution for your home. Such as:



Is Your Incoming Power Single Or Three Phase?

Example 3 Phase Power BoxSingle Phase OR Three Phase : A home in Australia normally operates off a single phase supply, but can be alternatively connected to a three phase supply. An easy way to find out how you are connected, is to count the number of large fuses sited within your power box. Why not send us a picture?

Depending on the phases you will require either one or three current cable clamps for the total household consumption transmitter. If you are connected to three phase, then often large appliances such as air conditioning are also three phase.



How Many Circuits / Appliances Do You Want To Monitor?

Power Box Circuit Monitoring :  Are you looking to monitor the total power for your home, or certain circuits / appliances? Circuits are normally switched on / off from inside a power box outside of your home, or even a distribution board within your home and are monitored from here. Appliances are switched at the wall and monitored by using a 10A wall socket transmitter.

All transmitters often referred to as channels on our site, can be supplied with LCD Energy Monitors supporting one or more channel of data. This will depend on what is available. The trend is moving away from monitors to using mobile applications. Where applications are easily changed / updated and cover all mobile platforms.

So for a home with a solar pv system you would need a power monitoring system supporting two channels / transmitters. One for your solar the other for your consumption circuits.

1 Phase Current Clamp & TransmitterPower box circuits are monitored by using current cable clamp/s, which attach around the outside of the red live cables of the circuits in question. A transmitter located in the power box can send data [wireless 433Mhz] to either an LCD Energy Monitor / online HUB [sited next to your modem / router]. The HUB transmitting data to an online Energy Monitoring Dashboard.


10A Plugin Socket Transmitter10A Wall Socket Monitoring : Specific appliances or power block collectives within the home can also be monitored using a 10A plug-in wall socket transmitter. Transmitting data by wireless connection.

All of our electricity monitoring solutions use similar hardware for the collection of the energy data. Not all manufacturers offer multichannel portable LCD Energy Monitoring screens. Manufacturers get around any limitation of one channel by adding an online HUB, where the other data channels are easily accessed via an online Energy Monitoring dashboard.

Common Circuits / Appliances : Total Consumption : Solar : Heat Pump
Tenant : Air Conditioner : Workshop : Freezer


Create Your Own Monitoring System : You now have the initial building blocks for the Missing POWER DASHBOARD of your home. Hardware that will allow you to make instant changes to reduce power usage and save money.



Do You Want To Monitor Temperature, Light & Motion?

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring SolutionsMonitoring Temperature Light & Motion : Ever thought of monitoring the temperature of the room when monitoring your air conditioner?

What about the temperature of your wine cellar? Well now this is all possible, allowing you to analyse correct operation. Our MONITORING SYSTEM #2 LCD Monitor #1 also monitors humidity.

Visit our MONITORING SYSTEM #3 page to learn more about temperature, light and motion monitoring.



Where Do You Want To See The Data?

This is really important as the data can be seen:

  • On an LCD Electricity Monitors screen
  • On a PC / MAC computer via software or spreadsheet download
  • Online via an Energy Monitoring dashboard displaying the data via a mixture of tables and graphs
  • Online via your mobile devices using mobile friendly pages or specific apps


Sending Data Online For Analysis : The energy data received by any LCD monitor or HUB is often converted into cost / kilowatt-hour readings. The kWh being the standard unit your electricity retailer uses to charge you. Data is easily uploaded to specialist online energy monitoring dashboards for analysis with easy access from anywhere.

Added features with an online electricity monitoring dashboard are email alerts and mobile apps that assist to further create action in realtime based on cost / usage events.

Easily get your total electricity consumption or solar power online for ONLY $169.95


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring SolutionsSingle / Multi-Channel LCD  Display : Remember online HUBS allow for more transmitters / channels, seen via an energy monitoring dashboard. Most LCD monitors ONLY support one channel. The only multi-channel LCD monitor is the MONITORING SYSTEM #1 which is due to be phased out by the manufacturer, in favour of online dashboards and mobile apps.

An LCD monitor if not multi-channel will  show in most cases the consumption or solar. To see another channel of data you simply add another LCD Energy Monitor with transmitter and clamp. Or a HUB instead of the extra LCD Energy Monitor.

In Home Usage & Cost Awareness : The best tool for this task is by no doubts a LCD Energy Monitor or mobile application running on a tablet. Where you get realtime awareness of electricity consumption  and solar power. Easy instant readout for everyone to see and act upon.

Easily get your total electricity consumption or solar power on an LCD monitor for ONLY $129.95



What Data Do You Want To See Or Analyse?

Using An LCD Monitor : Displayed on your Power Monitor LCD are:

  • Costs based on realtime usage
  • Power currently being used in kWh
  • Historical data such as the power used and the costs for the last day, week, month


Using PC / MAC Software : Using a software application with your LCD Energy Monitor will allow for realtime power costs and usage along with the analysis of historical data, downloaded from the monitors memory. Most applications can download the monitor's data in a minute or so without the need of a PC being on 24/7. This data is then displayed in graphical or tabular format for analysis.

Software for MAC users can be limited and in this case online Energy Monitoring dashboards are the choice.


Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #2 - Software



Do You Want The Power Monitor To Be Portable

This is really important during the setting up of any monitoring system, as it allows you to be outside one minute and inside the next, whilst making the necessary power connections and checking connectivity to any computer or online electricity monitoring website.

A portable electricity monitor is the ideal tool for a DIY ELECTRICITY AUDIT of your home.


    FREE DIY POWER AUDIT AA BATTERY SUPPLY - All of the monitoring systems we supply with a mains power AC / DC adaptor, will further be supplied with a AA cell portable battery case.



Do You Require Any Email Alerts / Notifications?

An email alert is based on an electricity consumption value or can relate importantly to a solar power system issue! Currently email alerts can be set for :

  • Solar System Idle
  • Solar System Low Output
  • High Consumption Usage
  • Solar System Performance
  • Electricity Standby Cost
  • Solar System Comparison
  • High Net Export
  • Low Net Export

Alerts are ONLY generated by online Energy Monitoring dashboards. See more on EMAIL ALERTS.


Get A Quote For Monitoring Your Power
If you understand the above power monitoring basics and know the number of phases and circuits / appliances to be monitored, then please use our POWER MONITORING QUOTE form and return via email.




So What Energy Monitoring Systems Do We Offer?


We are offering you a great range of power monitoring solutions for your home or small business. Covering all options for single / multi-circuit / appliance power monitoring solutions.

And as already mentioned you have the option to monitor temperature, light and motion as well as power circuits and appliances.

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring Solution Green Tick Of ApprovalWe know all of our monitoring solutions literally inside / out and have tested all of the functions, features and benefits of both the hardware, software and online dashboards. In some cases we have added optional modifications!

Green Tick Awards : We have awarded all of our monitoring solutions a Green Tick for certain features and benefits. Giving you the peace of mind in knowing your final choice of power monitor, will really do what you want it to do!

All of our wireless energy monitors have slightly different features and benefits as listed below.





Monitoring System #1

Monitoring System #2

Monitoring System #3



    Monitoring System #1

  • 10 channel LCD Monitor
  • 5 channel HUB
  • Power box transmitters 1 & 3 phase
  • Clamps 12/25 mm
  • 10A Socket transmitters
  • Windows PC Software


    Monitoring System #2

  • 2 LCD Monitors
  • Both 1 channel LCD Monitors
  • 5 channel HUB
  • Power box transmitters 1 & 3 phase
  • Clamps 10/12/19 mm
  • Windows PC / MAC Software

    Monitoring System #3

  • 5 channel HUB
  • Power box transmitters 1 & 3 phase
  • Clamps 10/12/19/25 mm
  • 10A Socket transmitters
  • Multi-sensor temperature, light & motion

Features Summary


  • Mains powered monitor
  • 7 year transmitter battery
  • LCD realtime kWh & $
  • LCD kWh history 1D,1W,1M
  • LCD time & temperature
  • LCD Daily $ Up or Down
  • LCD 10 chan.
  • Free software with historical data download
  • 2 tariff type settings
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Online data via HUB
  • HUB 5 chan. support
  • Adjustable Voltage 10 increments
  • Transmission rate 6s
  • Transmission range 100m+
  • Prolific & Silicon Labs USB chipset support
  • Mobile apps


  • Battery powered monitors with optional AC adaptor
  • 3 year transmitter battery
  • LCD realtime kWh, $ & CO2
  • LCD $ per hour
  • LCD kWh history 1D,1W,1M + average
  • LCD $ history 1D,1W,1M + average
  • LCD date, time, temperature & humidity
  • 4 tariff type settings
  • Free software with historical data download
  • Online data via hub [6 sec data upload freq.]
  • HUB 5 chan. support
  • Adjustable Voltage 5V increments
  • Transmission rates 6,12,18s
  • Transmission range 70m
  • Standard USB cable supplied
  • Mobile apps


  • 7 or 3 year transmitter battery
  • Browser realtime kWh, $ & CO2
  • Browser time & date
  • Browser kWh history 1D,1W,1M
  • Browser specific historical data
  • Browser 5 channels
  • Temperature, light & motion
  • 1 tariff time settings
  • Free 5 channel dashboard
  • Online data via HUB [6 sec data upload freq.]
  • Adjustable Voltage 5/10V  increments
  • Transmission rate 6 sec
  • Transmission range 100m+
  • Mobile apps






Monitoring System #1

Monitoring System #2

Monitoring System #3





Want To Monitor More Than Just The Power Of Your Home?

Temperature Sensor 24/7 Monitoring

Light Sensor 24/7 Monitoring

Motion Sensor 24/7 Monitoring







Get A Quote For Monitoring Your Power
If you understand the above power monitoring basics and know the number of phases and circuits / appliances to be monitored, then please use our POWER MONITORING QUOTE form and return via email.




Single Appliance Wall Socket Monitors

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring Solutions - Appliance Plug In Monitor10A Socket Plugin Single Appliance Monitor - A simple smart 10A plug-in socket based LCD monitor that reports your electricity usage and costs for any appliance.

This is a great tool for working out the costs of a group of appliances connected via a power block, such as your entertainment appliances, or for reporting the usage and costs of your old freezer.

BONUS OFFER : We include with this monitor our Appliance Monitoring Forms which allow to work out where electricity usage, costs and standby power are occurring fast.

Learn more about this Power Meter here on our SINGLE APPLIANCE MONITORING page.


Power Mate Single Appliance Monitor10A / 15A Socket Single Appliance Monitor & Data Logger - If you are looking for an appliance monitor that will report on all aspects of power, such as true power, apparent power, power factor, voltage and much, much more, then you need to check out the Power Mate single appliance electricity monitor. According to the manufacturer this is the most accurate appliance monitor in the world.

These monitors support 10A & 15A power outlets and can also be connected to a PC for data logging and analysis.

Learn more about Power Mate on our SINGLE APPLIANCE MONITORING page.



Looking For Energy Monitoring Data Forms & Spreadsheets?

We offer you both as options to add to any existing or future power monitoring system. We do have from time to time LIMITED SPECIAL OFFERS where we include either / both as part of a bundle:



Visit our AUSSIE HOME ENERGY DIY AUDIT page where we offer you a simple, easy fast DIY Power Auditing System for your home. This includes a monitor, forms and spreadsheets and more.

All priced for you to SAVE! You will learn where your electricity usage, costs and standby power are in a flash!


Aussie Home Energy - Helping You Choose The Best Monitoring System To Suit Your Needs


Helping You Reduce Usage & SAVE On Power Costs The Smart Way!
 Office : 02 8064 3992      Mobile : 0428 449 422





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