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Electricity Reduction Services


We have designed our Home Power Saving Services to assist you with reducing electricity usage and costs.



Home Electricity Audits

Australia Wide Telephone Electricity Audit ServiceHELP for householders concerned over rising electricity bills. We check your:

Metering   :   Billing   :   Tariffs   :   Usage   :   Appliances

Allowing you once again to take control of your electricity bill.



    Start Today reducing your usage and saving OFF your electricity bill!


Why Our Electricity Audits Work!


Our ELECTRICITY BILLING ERRORS page is aimed to create awareness to this rising failure by Australia's Electricity Retailers to get the billing correct! It seems there is little policy of random checking of client's bills, by most retailers! Our auditing and bill checking services, have found certain errors that could easily be systemic, with some errors going back as far as 2012!



Home Electricity Meter & Billing Analysis

CLICK - To Learn How To Read Your Mechanical Electricity MeterAustralia Wide Electricity Saving ServicesAre you confused about your home electricity metering and billing? You are not alone!

We have designed this service to increase your understanding of how your electricity is metered and billed. Unfortunately in Australia electricity metering and billing errors are still common.

This popular service is used by householders, apartment tenants and Strata Management to highlight issues needing immediate attention. This service is carried out before any on-site Home Electricity Audit.

    Some Areas Of Concern raised by clients are :

  • Higher than normal electricity bills, after a change of meter or electricity tariff
  • Electricity bills NOT showing generated solar power correctly
  • Very confusing over complicated electricity billing structures
  • Hot water not itemised as a controlled load on the electricity bill


    Confusing electricity bills defined as :


  • NOT having the total kWh itemized
  • NOT having the total number of days itemized
  • NOT matching the installed electricity meter readings
  • PHANTOM electricity meters on the bill
  • INCORRECT National Meter Identifier [NMI] numbers on meter / bill
  • NO Off-Peak [hot water] itemized
  • DIFFERENT daily kWh usage figures
  • INCORRECT graphs and tables
  • EXCESSIVE itemization of block / tiered tariff structures
  • No Electricity Plan stated


The number of errors we are discovering during our Power Bill Analysis Service is on the increase! See our ELECTRICITY BILLING ERRORS page for confirmation of what we are finding.




ELECTRICITY BILL BUSTING SOFTWARE : We compiled our own specialised software to check your electricity bills. Making sure we all understand with clarity :


  • Average daily electricity usage & costs
  • Electricity usage in relation to your current tariff
  • Whether your current tariff is your best option
  • Quarterly / monthly electricity usage and cost patterns
  • How to better manage your electricity usage and costs
  • Fluctuations in your energy tariff rates, usage and costs


Electricity Metering & Billing Service Best DealNot Checking Your Quarterly Electricity Bills? : A lot of Aussie householders DO NOT and are therefore suffering high electricity costs! CALL US NOW FOR HELP!

Our Meter And Bill Analysis Service is based on the analysis of four of your electricity bills, including the most recent. Required will be images of your electricity meter/s supplied by you. Outside of this criteria will involve additional hourly charges.

We will summarize our findings in a fully detailed Analysis Report.

Ready To Go? : Once you have paid for this service, forward us your last four electricity bills by email and as many snapshots of the meters in your power box. We need to see details clearly of all meters.

Important : Please rename your electricity bills, so we can clearly identify each one.

  • A_Jones Electricity Bill 010116 010416.pdf
  • A_Jones Electricity Bill 020416 300616.pdf


MechanicalElectricityMeter86Electricity Metering Billing Analysis Service
$147.00 [Based on last four bills]

Your electricity metering & billing will be analysed for your increased peace of mind.




Requiring More Assistance? : Independent cases for discussion with either electricity retailers or  the Electricity Ombudsman, can further be compiled. We will act on your behalf.



Solutions For Electricity Bill Rage



Strata / Apartment Living Power Reduction Presentation

  • Strata / Apartment LivingAre you part of Strata / Apartment living?
  • Are you involved with Strata Management?

NSW Electricity Saving ServicesOne thing we know for sure, is everyone knows someone with electricity cost and usage issues. Everyone does!

As a major residential electricity reduction business we offer you a community based presentation, to assist everyone with power reduction issues.

We simply charge a fee per client, where you create a group of interested parties.

CALL US NOW for information on our Power Reduction Presentation for Strata / Apartment Living.



Home Solar Power Assessments

Solar Power InstallationNSW Electricity Saving ServicesInstalling a Solar Power System can drastically reduce your overall electricity costs. Importantly when it is specifically tailored to offset your 'sunny hour' daytime electricity use. This occurs in a NET FIT environment.

What a lot of Aussie householders are unaware of, is that by offsetting electricity costs directly in the home, you can easily SAVE MORE than some of the recent Federal Government's Solar Power schemes!

EXAMPLE : Let us look at the recent 20 cent NSW Solar Bonus Scheme GROSS FIT offer. In many homes with this offer, the imported electricity is priced at more than 30 cents or more! Offsetting this higher cost electricity can result in greater savings, where there is considerable 'sunny hour' usage! A simple change of the metering, is all it takes to start making more money! As electricity prices rise, you of course save more, when connected to a NET FIT!

This NET FIT metering system can save the householder considerable off electricity costs. Our audits show there are a lot of homes on the 60 cent GROSS FIT offer, whom think they are doing the best with home electricity reduction. What we find is completely the opposite! Where there is a large amount of waste under the roof!

Anyone thinking of installing solar power needs to reduce waste under the roof first! If not, you are going to dramatically reduce your financial return from your solar powered investment!

Our service will accurately assess your electricity usage during the sunny hours of the day and offer you a solar system to match that demand. A solar system specifically tailored to your daytime usage.

A 1.5 kW system could save you $641 a year OFF electricity costs! [Based on a kWh rate of 30 cents and the CEC's average output for a 1.5 kW Solar system.]

For more information visit HOME SOLAR PV ASSESSMENT



Home LED Lighting Assessments

LED Downlight BriefcaseNSW Electricity Saving ServicesAn LED Light Assessment of your home, will check the suitability of low energy LED lights, as replacements for your existing halogen down lights and general lighting.

We will show you LED options for your other home lighting. Including LED options for edison screw & bayonet cap type light fittings, as well as florescent tube replacements.

For more information visit HOME LED LIGHT ASSESSMENT



Electricity Consumption & Solar Power Monitoring Service

World Wide Electricity Saving ServicesThis is where we get your monitoring data onto an online Energy Monitoring Dashboard for the computation of :

Generation : Consumption : Import  : Export

Popular with those of you lacking the required information to be in a position to reduce electricity costs and maximise any solar power investment.


NOBODY WANTS TO EXPORT THEIR SOLAR INVESTMENT : NET METERING is becoming the norm for new solar power installations around Australia and in other countries. You therefore need to know your import / export power to maximise your investment.

Monitoring electricity consumption and solar power generation is a 100% proven method, to minimising home electricity costs and maximising your solar investment. 24/7 access to energy monitoring data via any browser, tablet with a large selection of mobile applications.


    Monitoring Consumption : Will allow you to correctly size any future solar power system.

    Monitoring Solar And Consumption : Will allow you to correctly size future batteries.


    What Monitoring System Do You Have?

  • No Monitoring System : Let us help you with an energy monitoring solution. We will configure your monitoring hardware and all online dashboards for you! We will reduce the cost of this service to ONLY $50!
  • Existing Monitoring System : If you have an existing compatible energy monitoring system, we can get your data online to PVOutput
  • Existing Solar Inverter With Wi-Fi / Bluetooth On PVOutput : Your Solar Inverter is already sending data to PVOutput, via wi-fi or it's blue teeth. Check to see if yours is supported by PVOutput HERE. If this is the case and your connected via NET METERING then you really need to add your consumption data. At the time of writing Enphase Enlighten, SolarEdge and SMA Webbox were supported.
  • Sizing A Future Solar PV System : Electricity consumption monitoring will allow you to be in the best educated place to decide upon the correct size solar pv system to match your needs
  • In most of the above cases you are going to be calling us for friendly help.


    Existing /  New Monitoring Hardware Supported

  • Current Cost : Bridge / NetSmart Gateway
  • Efergy Engage HUB
  • Energyhive HUB


    Once your data is on PVOutput you will easily see in graphical / tabular formats your:


Consumption   :   Generation   :   Export   :   Import


Your Consumption & Solar Power Easily Seen Online

Click HERE to see some of our clients on PVOUtput.


Where you have NO Monitoring System or ONLY the solar data on PVOutput, you will require a Monitoring System #3 ONLINE HUB with compatible transmitter and clamp/s.


CONTACT US if you need help selecting your Home Electricity / Solar Monitoring Solution hardware.


Join Team Aussie Home Energy On PVOutput

July 2016 - The Aussie Home Energy team has generated a STAGGERING 532 MWh!


Ready To Go? : Once you have paid for this service, we will email you the Energy Monitoring Dashboard Setup Request form. This form asking for information and explaining important features on PVOutput. We will require such information such as :

  • Email address
  • Login / Username
  • Password
  • System Name
  • Electricity tariffs
  • Solar system details
  • Known local weather station


TOU Electricity Tariff Usage Pie ChartElectricity Consumption & Solar Power Data To PVOutput Service
ONLY $97.95


Your electricity consumption / solar generated power will be available online via PVOutput, for easy access 24/7. Supported monitoring hardware:

  • Current Cost - Bridge / NetSmart Gateway
  • Efergy Engage HUB
  • Energyhive HUB







AHE NOTES : You are responsible for the correct position of any consumption / generation current clamps within your powerbox. We will transfer the power readings as they are within your energy monitoring dashboard, directly to PVOutput. 



Aussie Home Energy - Residential Energy Saving Services


Office : 02 8064 3992      Mobile : 0428 449 422





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