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Energy Monitoring #1 Software

Energy Monitoring Software / Dashboards

Electricity Monitoring System #1 suitable for :

  • Household electricity consumption
  • Solar power generation
  • Multiple power box circuits
  • 10A Socket appliances


 Choosing An Aussie Home Energy Monitoring Solution




This page lists suitable home electricity / solar monitoring software applications and online energy monitoring dashboards compatible with the Electricity Monitoring System #1 hardware platform. We have assessed software applications as being 'easy to moderate', when it comes to installation and any required technical understanding.

If there is software / online monitoring dashboards not listed here, this could because we have had an issue with the application, support, or simply we are not aware of it. In the latter case let us know.

For other generic / open source DEVELOPER TYPE SOFTWARE applications visit our LINKS page where you will find software apps to run on Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi.



Accessing Your LCD Energy Monitor Data

System #1 LCD Energy MonitorThe data stored in the monitors memory is made up of live data and a collection of HISTORICAL DATA types. This data can either be :


  • Downloaded live to 24/7 PC software displaying live / historical data
  • Downloaded at a specific time to a PC
  • Uploaded to an online Energy Monitoring Dashboard [using a HUB] or the discontinued BRIDGE]. Displaying live and historical data, with many more features and benefits. Once data is online then mobile applications also come in to play



Required Hardware For Electricity Data Analysis

The majority of the Online Energy Monitoring Dashboards require a HUB to upload data. This device is positioned at your broadband router / modem, where the data is uploaded every 6 seconds. 

To connect your PC / MAC directly to the LCD Energy Monitor you will need a USB CONNECTIVITY CABLE , software driver and energy monitoring software application.


Windows OS Users

    Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 USB Cable OptionsOption A Cable : Windows XP click HERE. Windows 7 32 bit & Vista users [32-bit] click HERE. Latest Prolific Driver Version White cable and enclosure.

    Option B Cable : Older version white cable and black enclosure. Windows users click HERE. No sold by us anymore but still around.

    Option C Cable NEW [Not shown] : We build an alternative cable in-house, which uses the Silicon Labs CP2102 chipset. This is more stable that the Prolific. Tested on Windows XP / 7 32 / 64 bit / 8.1 64 bit and Win 10 / 64 bit, with the Energeniaal software application. This chipset is further described on our SUPPORT page, where you can download the driver [Oct 16 Version 6.7.3]. Cables vary in colour and have black enclosure.


INSTALLATION For All Cable Types : Download the correct cable driver installer and reboot your PC. Insert the USB cable into a USB port and access the Windows Device Manager. You are wanting the COM PORT number. If working correctly you will see either Prolific or Silicon Labs listed. You will be asked to input this COM PORT number software applications. See our SUPPORT page for additional information. Use the C2 Terminal program to test data is being received from the LCD Monitor.

MAC Users

Currently there is NO SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS for the MAC. So unless you are intending to download the data into a spreadsheet or create your own application, we would direct you to our ONLINE MONITORING SOLUTIONS.

All users click HERE. This driver is known to work for:

  • Mac OS 10.1 & above for PowerPC based Mac
  • Mac OSX 10.4.x & 10.5.x for PowerPC and Intel based Mac
  • Mac OSX 10.6.x for Intel based Mac (32-bit only)
  • For Mac OSX 10.7.x see our SUPPORT page for the correct driver download.

Specifications: PL-2303 (H, HX, X chip version) Mac OS X, Universal Binary Driver v1.2.1r2 (DMG file format), Prolific Edition.

Linux Users

See our LINKS page for more information.



Benefits And Features Of Electricity Data Analysis

Beside the data shown on the LCD Energy Monitor, when using a software application or online energy monitoring dashboard, you are going to see a lot more. Such additional information as:

  • Individual phase transmitter input values
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly electricity data in graphical or tabular format
  • Multiple electricity tariff support
  • Weekly power consumption and report generation
  • Electricity generation and consumption alerts
  • Personal consumption target thresholds
  • Sharing of information
  • Data export for further spreadsheet analysis
  • Data export to other online systems



Electricity Monitoring Software Apps

Highlighted is the software we have tested. Each application is highlighted with the following criteria :

  • [ ]  Tested by Aussie Home Energy
  • [ ]  Free for use
  • [ ]  Trial Period before payment required
  • [ ]  PC operation
  • [ ]  Mac operation
  • [ ]  USB operation
  • [ ]  Bridge operation
  • [ ]  Software App required for standalone operation on a PC or uploading data to web portals
  • [ ]  Broadband required to upload data to a web portal
  • [ ]  Computer on 24/7 for Live Data or uploading of data to web portal
  • [ ]  Historical Data can be downloaded from the monitors memory to the software application,  or uploaded to a web portal. Some web portals only create historical data from live data


For MAC users you need to go online with your data.


Home And Solar Electricity Monitoring Software Application

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 LCD Monitor & USB CableFree Software requiring a HOME ELECTRICITY MONITOR


Mobile And PC Apps

To access any online energy monitoring dashboard you first need a HUB. Dashboards have optimised web pages for mobile devices or use mobile apps.

  • PVSTATS : Windows desktop app for PVOutput displaying consumption and generation data
  • PVOUTPUT IPHONE : Smartphone app PVOutput
  • SOLAR TRAY : Windows desktop app for PVOutput, with Net meter maths



Software Applications For Electricity And Solar Power Monitoring


[Y] Tested   [Y] Free   [N] Trial Period   [Y] PC   [N] Mac   [Y] USB   [N] Bridge   [Y] Software App
[N] Broadband   [Y] Computer 24/7  [Y] Live Data   [Y] Historical Data

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 - GUI SoftwareThis application requires Python on a Windows or Linux platform. The output is a large collection of very informative graphs. Other features and benefits of this software are,

  • Graphical display of live / historical data
  • Tabbed graphical interfaces
  • Identification of trends and an average calculation
  • CO2 calculation
  • Personal targets
  • Supports multiple locations / monitors
  • Remote connection via MQTT
  • Exports data to CSV

To learn more and download the application visit GUI



C2 Terminal # Recommended

[Y] Tested   [Y] Free   [N] Trial Period   [Y] PC   [N] Mac   [Y] USB   [N] Bridge   [Y] Software App
[N] Broadband   [Y] Computer 24/7  [Y] Live Data   [Y] Historical Data   [Y] AHE Tested Win XP / 7 32/64 / 8.1 64 / Prolific 3.3.2 & Silicon Labs CP2012 chipsets

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 - C2 Terminal SoftwareThis is what we recommend to TEST your USB cable connection to LCD Energy Monitor. Make sure you test your driver and hardware before loading any software application.

Created as a utility program the C2 Terminal is designed for users to test the connectivity of the serial port and view the output XML data. This XML data can be saved to a CSV file.

See the LINKS page for an Open Office Calc spreadsheet solution.

If you are ever doubtful about the connectivity of your monitor to your PC, this is the software to make sure you have 100% connectivity and known port information.

CONTACT US for access to the software HERE.



HomeSmart # No 2 Recommendation

[Y] Tested   [Y] Free   [N] Trial Period   [Y] PC   [N] Mac   [Y] USB   [N] Bridge   [Y] Software App
[N] Broadband   [N] Computer 24/7   [N] Live Data   [Y] Historical Data   [Y] AHE Tested Win XP / 7 32/64 / 8.1 64 / Prolific 3.3.2 & Silicon Labs CP2012 chipsets

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 - HomeSmart SoftwareHomeSmart is a software application developed for the UK market by EON Energy Management.

The software shows the energy and costs related to each hour, day, week, month and year. Data is displayed in graphical and table formats. Export data in CSV format for bi-hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual monitoring, for input into a spreadsheet.

There is NO LIVE reading with this software, this will be on the monitor's LCD screen. Data is collated totally from the historical data stored in the memory of the monitor. You will need to connect the monitor to the PC at least once per month, to keep this data accurate.

Click the following links to see snapshots of:

    Energy Use overview graphs for 7D 1 week  1M 1 month  3M 3 months

    Historical overview graphs for 2H 2 hours  1D 1 day  1W 1 week  1M 1 month  3M 3 months

    kWh or cost overview 1W

CONTACT US for access to the software HERE.



CC128 Professor : Data Logging Software

[Y] Tested   [Y] Free   [N] Trial Period   [Y] PC   [N] Mac   [Y] USB   [N] Bridge   [Y] Software App
[N] Broadband   [Y] Computer 24/7  [Y] Live Data   [Y] Historical Data   [Y] AHE Tested Win XP / 7 32/64 / Prolific 3.3.2 & Silicon Labs CP2012 chipsets. Developer proves OK Win 8 Prof. only.

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1  - CC128 Professor Data Logging Home ElectricityThis program allows you to access up to 30 channels, based on the fact the Electricity Monitoring System #1 monitor supports up to 10 transmitters, each with a maximum of three current clamps. Plugin transmitters via a 10A socket are also supported and treated as 1 channel.

With additional features of time slice logging and data graphing, coupled with a powerful sophisticated algebraic mathematical equation facility, that works with the graphing and all of the monitor's hardware channels, then the CC128 Professor is your data logging solution.

CC128 Data Logging Home SetupHistorical daily data graphing is easy with the provided calendar access. Data logging interval is user selectable from 10-120 seconds. The program supports a live graphing update mode supporting a real time display of selected channels. This software needs connection to a PC 24/7.

For those of you with solar power, this is one solar power data logger application that you will want to take a look at. You will be able to see every aspect of what is happening especially with an off-grid system.

The software application has been developed by Gordon Waldmann here in Australia. There is no support or help files currently for the software.

CONTACT US for access to the software HERE.




PV Bean Counter

[Y] Tested   [Y] Free   [N] Trial Period   [Y] PC   [N] Mac   [Y] USB   [N] Bridge   [Y] Software App
[Y] Broadband   [Y] Computer 24/7  [Y] Live Data   [N] Historical Data

PV Bean Counter Energy MonitorThis application supports the ELECTRICITY MONITORING SYSTEM #1 hardware platforms.

When run on Windows 7 this application comes complete with it's own MySQL database. There is a version for XP but we have not tested it as yet and you will need to download the MySQL database.

Packets of data are sent to via this application. The data includes both the monitor's electricity consumption and solar power data. You do have the choice to upload data directly from compatible solar inverters.

Live data from the monitor is only supported whilst the PC is live. Where the PC is powered off, historical data will be uploaded from the monitor's memory during the next power up. This historical data is limited to bi-hourly data. To see an example of this go HERE where we have highlighted both data types.

PV Bean Counter comes with it's own built in energy monitor on screen application, where both the current power usage and generated power are displayed. The icing on the cake for this application, is really the end result. Your data is on PVOutput, even though you will need a PC on 24/7.

To learn more visit PVBEANCOUNTER



Energeniaal # No 1 Recommendation

Y] Tested   [Y] Free   [N] Trial Period   [Y] PC   [N] Mac   [Y] USB   [N] Bridge   [Y] Software App
[N] Broadband   [N] Computer 24/7   [Y] Live Data   [Y] Historical Data   [Y] AHE Tested Win XP / 7 32/64 / 8.1 64 / Prolific 3.3.2 & Silicon Labs CP2012 chipsets

Aussie Home Energy Monitoring System #1 - Energeniall Electricity Monitoring SoftwareThis Home Electricity Consumption & Solar Generation software shows and supports the following:

  • Live Time, Temperature & kWh Data
  • Graphical live data displayed in the following formats of 15 & 30 mins to 1, 2 & 4 hours. All of the monitor's appliance channels [up to a max of 10] and all of phases 1, 2 or 3 are also visualised
  • Graphical historical data is displayed for periods of 2 hours, 1 day, 1 month & 1 year. This mode is supported for all appliance channels / transmitters
  • Graphical averaged data for the time of day or per day of week
  • Export data in CSV format for bi-hourly, daily, monthly and annual monitoring, import into a spreadsheet
  • The naming of appliance channels to your choice


See snapshots here:

  • #1 : 2 hour live data for Fridge + 2 hour historical data
  • #2 : 15 minute live data for whole house + daily historical data
  • #3 : 15 minute live data for freezer + whole house monthly historical data
  • #4 : Whole house live data for 2 hour + time of day averages

This application does not show costs! See the HOMESMART SOFTWARE if you need costs.

CONTACT US for access to the software HERE.



Mobile And PC Apps


PV Output IPhone App : Corrado Bellinni

[N] Tested   [Y] Free   [N] Trial Period   [N] PC   [N] Mac   [N] USB   [Y] Bridge   [N] Software App
[Y] Broadband   [N] Computer 24/7   [Y] Live Data   [Y] Historical Data

PVO IPhone App By Corrado BellinniA smartphone solar power monitoring app, providing on the go information for Iphone users with a PVO account.

Easily see on your IPhone lifetime generated and current energy, power, efficiency, temperature and voltage.

See live and historical data, both in table and graph formats. Data is available for live, daily, monthly and yearly. Along with solar system information.

See snapshots here #1

This mobile app uses the PVO API Feed address, to source data.

To learn more and download the app visit PVO IPHONE



PVStats : Simon Stirley

[Y] Tested   [Y] Free   [N] Trial Period   [Y] PC   [N] Mac   [N] USB   [Y] Bridge   [Y] Software App
[Y] Broadband  [N] Computer 24/7  [Y]  Live Data  [Y] Historical Data

PVStats Showing Generation & ConsumptionThis Windows application places your PVOutput consumption and generation data in the bottom right of your desktop.

A small  main display window shows the live settings. On the left is a thermometer showing the live temperature when available. The upper section shows two sliders for PV power (green) and consumed power (red) as a percentage of the total PV array capacity. This tidy, small and easy to setup application works with your PVOutput feed link and API and comes with fully adjustable update periods.

PVStats Monthly GraphUsed power and generated power along with a calculated percentage of the generated power being used (max 500% is displayed). Total outputs are displayed showing daily and system lifetime totals. This application works for both solar or consumption users of PVOutput.

A great little addition for all PVO users. A big Thank You to Simon Stirley whom recently updated this application for us.

This PC application uses the PVO API Feed address, to source data.

CONTACT US for access to the software HERE.



Solar Tray : Zubin Appoo

[Y] Tested   [Y] Free   [N] Trial Period   [Y] PC   [N] Mac   [N] USB   [Y] Bridge / Gateway
[Y] Software App   [Y] Broadband  [N] Computer 24/7  [Y]  Live Data  [Y] Historical Data

Solar Tray App For PVOutput Win XPA small  main display window showing live generation, consumption and importantly net statistics direct from PVOutput. The display sits easily on your Windows desktop and operates from the tray, giving you instant notification.

This tidy, small and easy to setup application works with your PVOutput system id and API, which you simply cut n paste into a config file. You will need NET 4 framework or later installed. We have tested this app on Win XP / 10 64 bit.

Solar Tray App For PVOutput Win 10What we like about this app is that it goes a step further and reports the net power. Included in the app are links direct to your account on PVOutput. Thanks go to Zubin for this great little app.

Download your copy of Solar Tray HERE





Complex Energy Monitoring Dashboards / Developer Stuff

Found on our LINKS page.


Monitor Your Home Electricity Now & Save!


Aussie Home Energy : Home Electricity Monitoring Software


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