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Solar Power Monitoring Solutions


This page relates to ALL of our electricity monitoring solutions, suitable for the monitoring of:

  • Household electricity consumption and solar power
  • Solar power generation connected via gross / net meters


How To Choose An Electricity Monitor



So What Kind Of Monitoring Are You Looking For?

Interestingly there are quite a few options now, as we have solutions that encompass more than one hardware platform. So if you are looking for:

    LCD Monitoring Of Solar AND / OR Consumption :

  • Monitor solar and / or consumption
  • Optional PC / MAC software
  • Optional online dashboard for max 5 circuits
  • Go HERE for the above. Software and dashboard only supports Gross FIT data.


    Online Dashboard Via Browser, Tablet, Mobile App

  • Monitor solar and / or consumption
  • Optional online dashboard for max 10 circuits
  • Go HERE for the above. Dashboard support Gross / Net FIT data. We configure the hardware and dashboard for you, so you simply login once installed.


  • Inverter is already on PVOutput and you wish to add consumption
  • Go HERE for the above



Aussie Householders Confused Over Net Metered Solar

Lets face it the average Aussie householder does not really have a clue about Net FITs or metering! And why do we say this? Well why would you still get householders installing a 3kW solar power system, when they are out all day at work [during the sunny hours] and only have a fridge plus a few other appliances operating in the home?

In NSW where 1kW of power exported is only going to return $85 per year, WHY WHY WHY?

If this sounds like your home, well there is still a way to maximise the return as best as possible. And this means you need to install consumption and solar generation monitoring.


      Before solar was installed your Consumption = Imported Power

      Now after solar your Consumption = Generation + Import - Export


Now with ONLY imported power and exported power on your electricity bill, you are still minus the information needed to know what is going on. And even if you are out checking and recording your solar pv inverter's output on a daily basis, we tend to think you are not sitting down and doing the maths 24/7.

By installing an electricity consumption and solar power generation monitor you can sit back and make educated decisions based on the data.

Such decisions as:

  • Knowing how to reduce imported power
  • Knowing how and when to use your generated power
  • Knowing what appliances use most of your power


Once you learn how to offset electricity costs with your solar power, you will maximise your return on investment! Simple.....



Cost Effective Monitoring Systems Which Are Plug N Play

Aussie Home Energy is offering you great Solar PV monitoring solutions, based on solid reliable and proven hardware / software platforms. We have been offering solar power and consumption monitoring solutions for over five years now and choose to configure your system as it removes problem issues.

Our fully configured online power monitoring options HERE are matched 100% to each clients needs. This is our most popular monitoring option as it removes:

  • Issues with monitoring system configuration
  • Technical aptitude issues or a lack of understanding
  • Being short of time


IMPORTANTLY our proven system allows you to fully test the system at installation time, before any electrician leaves your home, as a revisit could be costly!



So What Makes Our Solar Monitoring Solutions No #1?

In Home Display Solar Power & Consumption To be honest a lot of our Solar PV Monitoring clients, are also our HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION AUDIT clients. Solar PV installation and monitoring is just another logical step in the home electricity reduction process.

The solutions offered up to September 2014 had all been based on the same monitoring hardware. After seeing many exciting improvements, design incentives, hardware and software features across other platforms, it only seems logical to add these to our arsenal of Solar Power Monitoring Solutions.

We back our Solar PV Monitors with excellent support and also go one step further, to enhance the product with additional features where possible.

We will do our best to make sure you have all the information you need, from your Solar PV Monitoring System. Information that can be:


  • In Your Face
  • On Your Laptop
  • On Your Mobile



Research Finds Inverters Are Often Forgotten

SMA Solar PV InverterOur research over the last few years, shows householders DO NOT CHECK their solar pv inverters very often. What happens when the inverter trips off-line and the electricity bill is not being checked, is a simple loss of financial return!

We want to make sure you are alerted at once and therefore do not suffer any financial loss.

Our Solar Power Monitors report 24/7 on the output of your solar inverter.



Analysing Your Solar Inverter's Data

Home energy Mobile ApplicationYou have a few options here where you can either analyse the data by using a software application, or upload the data to an online web portal. The web portals having such features as mobile apps.

Solar Data On Your PC / Laptop - You simply add a special USB connectivity cable and PC / MAC based software.

Solar Data On The Net & Your Smartphone - For this you simply add what is known as a bridge / hub or gateway device. This will upload your solar pv power data to various web portals, via your broadband connection. Normally you will need a modem with a spare LAN port, for the connection to the bridge / gateway. Note there are a few computer based software applications that will upload the data for you. The only downside with this method of uploading the data is the need for a computer to be on 24/7.



Worldwide Online Electricity Monitoring Setup ServiceWorldwide Online Solar Power Monitoring Setup Service - If you choose to get your data online to PVOutput.org solar power monitoring portal, we can setup your online energy monitoring system for you. No matter where you live on this planet.

If you are short of the time or the expertise needed, to get this web portal up and running, visit our SERVICES page for more information, where we simply remove the pain and hassle of the process for you!



Electricity Consumption & Solar Power Generation Graph

Above Example Created On The Web Portal PVOUTPUT



3 Questions For You

  • #1 Why would you wait for an electricity bill alert in three months time?
  • #2 When was the last time you checked your solar inverter?
  • #3 Why would you not monitor your solar power?

For more detailed information on what you will see online for both your electricity consumption and generated solar power visit our ONLINE MONITORING SOLUTIONS page. On this page we introduce you to the features and benefits of the excellent PVOutput solar power monitoring web portal.


Join Team Aussie Home Energy On PVOutput

See some of our clients LIVE on PVOutput


Click on the banner above to see our ever growing team of solar power and electricity consumption clients, whom choose PVOutput as their preferred online power monitoring solution. We would like you to join them and become part of the Aussie Home Energy team.



On Grid / Off Grid Solar Power Analysis

For on-grid / off-grid solar power analysis, you can imagine any software is going to have to be quite detailed to give you all of the information you require. One such application is the CC128 Professor, described on our Current Cost monitor SOFTWARE page for electricity consumption analysis.

CC128 Professor Solar Power Data Logger SoftwareThis powerful solar power data logger is able to display whatever data you wish to see. And we say this because you are going to have a lot of circuits and maths to create your own personalised solar data logger.

Using each clamp as a separate circuit means technically you have access up to thirty circuits to monitor. On top of that there are twenty maths channels where you can subtract and add data.

Easily see the imported / exported electricity and the daily kWh and cost for each appliance.

The software is required to be on 24/7 to generate historical data and does not use the historical data within the monitor itself. Click on the image to enlarge.

CONTACT US for access to the software HERE.



Inverter Single Or Three Phase?

Either way our Solar Power Monitoring solutions can handle any number of phases. Youe solar power monitor comes with current clamp/s that are easily clamped around the 'red live' cable/s on the AC output side of the solar inverter. Depending on your solar pv setup the clamping of the electricity consumption side of thing needs special attention. For detailed instructions visit our SUPPORT page. 



Choosing Your Solar Monitoring Solution

See The Electricity Monitoring Solutions Other Aussie Householders Are InstallingVisit the CHOOSING YOUR MONITOR page, where you can see all of the home and solar monitoring solutions we offer. If you want to see the data online then go directly to ONLINE MONITORING where we offer you the hardware bundled with the setup service.


Get A Quote For Monitoring Your Power


See our SOLAR POWER page for a fully detailed explanation of how ELECTRICITY OFFSETTING works. Simply install an electricity monitor in your home before you install Solar PV connected to a net meter. This will 100% make sure any suggested Solar PV system size is the correct size, to offset your sunny hour electricity costs.

All of this is explained in detail on our NET FIT METERING page.

Click on the banner to the right to see what other users have installed, to monitor their homes electricity consumption and solar power.

CONTACT US and speak to one of our friendly Solar Monitoring team, where we will guide you through any questions you may have.



Aussie Home Energy - Solar Power Monitoring Solutions Australia


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