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Aussie Home Energy Power Saving Services

Aussie Home Energy Power Saving Services






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Solar Power For Your Home


SYDNEY & NSW Solar Power Assessments


Making Money With Your Solar PV System

Solar PV InstallationIf your looking to install a SOLAR  PV SYSTEM in NSW, currently it's still one of the best ways to reduce your home or business electricity costs.

With the closure [to new applicants] of the NSW State Government's Solar Bonus Scheme [DETAILS] where a Gross FIT [Feed In Tariff] investment style solar program was offering 60 or 20 cents per kW generated, it appears Solar Power for many householders has dropped off their radar.

Why is this so when so many of these homes are still struggling with the battle, to pay rising electricity costs. And solar could be saving them big dollars off the bill!

Primarily we would say this lack of interest in Solar Power is due to the negative media and a big lack of understanding by the Aussie householder, on how Solar Power connected to what is known as a NET FIT, can help them to offset the home electricity costs they normally pay for the power used during the sunny hours of the day.

Many householders we visit, are always asking for clarification on how Solar Power helps them to offset rising electricity costs. So let us help you too, to fully understand the ways you can make money, with a Solar PV system!

There are basically three ways to make money with a Solar PV System.

  • The Gross FIT system where you are paid 60 cents for every kW generated [NSW Solar Bonus Scheme SBS prior to 27/10/10]
  • The Gross FIT system where you are paid 20 cents for every kW generated [NSW Solar Bonus Scheme SBS 28/10/10 to 28/04/11]
  • The Net FIT system where you are paid 5, 6 or 8 cents for every exported kW and allowed to offset your normally imported power costs, during the sunny hours of the day with your generated power. This is the current situation in NSW for all those households whom have installed solar after 28/04/11 and will be what the SBS 1 & 2 households will be changing to at the end of December 2016 when both the SBS 1 & 2 Feed In Tariffs end.


Of these three systems, the first two are usually Government or electricity supplier funded. This means to some extent, you run the risk of changes being made to these programs at anytime, where you may lose out financially.

The Net FIT system currently [Feb 2015] in NSW, will only show you a minor return if you relied on exported power only, as the rate for kWs exported back to the grid, is only 6 to 8 cents per kW. This could change either way at anytime though.

One of the greatest home electricity savings you can make, is where you offset your electricity usage during the sunny hours of the day. Simply put, you use first what you generate on the roof! Offsetting what you would normally have purchased. As electricity costs rise, your electricity savings will further increase, as your offsetting this rising electricity cost.

NET Metering Works Best Financially Where You Use Power In The Sunny Hours!


Currently NSW electricity costs are anywhere from 20 to 50 cents per kW, depending on your tariff and location. If you are on a TOU TARIFF, you may be paying as much as 47 to 53 cents per kWh, for on-peak electricity. That certainly is an electricity cost that needs to be addressed and eliminated, by adding solar to the roof of your home!



Rising Electricity Costs Seem To Be The Norm!

  • [Recent July 2011 18%] 28% Still To Go!
  • 2013 - 2014 Planned 15%
  • Inflation every year will add 3% - 5%
  • Coal contracts per ton have recently increased by 500%.
  • Carbon tax could be $25 per ton.
  • NSW households will further be billed $12 for the blowout of the recent Gross Feed applications

Obviously it makes sense to offset as much of these rising electricity costs, as possible.

Offset Electricity Costs By Installing Solar PV



So What Can You Do?

Solar Community Australia - Join TodayWell you need to fully understand 100%, how a solar power electricity system will offset electricity costs for you. And this is where we can help, by performing a Solar PV Assessment of your home.

    An Aussie Home Energy Sydney Solar Assessment will determine:

  • The correct size solar system you need, to maximise the offsetting of your electricity costs
  • Any energy efficiency initiatives that you could implement in your home, to further reduce current electricity costs
  • The suitability of your roof for the mounting a solar system
  • Any shading issues and how this may affect estimated output of your Solar PV
  • Orientation and tilt angle of your solar array
  • The proposed location of your inverter
  • Any required changes or upgrades to the electricity power box


    An Aussie Home Energy Solar Assessment offers you a quotation including:

  • The solar system's specifications including quantity, make & model number of solar panels and inverter
  • An estimate of yearly energy output of the system based on available solar radiation adjusted for tilt, orientation and shading, and taking into account temperature, dirt, module mismatch, cable losses and inverter efficiency
  • The estimated financial savings based on current electricity costs
  • All equipment and install charges
  • Detailed system warranty information



What Else Do You Need To Know?

Well we're going to be explaining everything in detail to you, during the Solar Assessment. But for those of you wishing to do a little homework, before we arrive we would recommend the following.

Australia's Clean Energy CouncilMake sure you read & understand this excellent guide on what to look for when thinking of buying a solar pv system, which has been compiled by the CLEAN ENERGY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA [CEC], called the SOLAR PV CONSUMER GUIDE This explains in detail everything you need to know when deciding to install solar pv.

The rest of this page offers answers to common questions, we're asked whilst in homes and further details how a Solar PV System can save you $$$'s, by offsetting your electricity costs.



Are There Any Government Rebates Available?

There are still Excellent Solar PV Discounts available through the Government's Small scale Technology Certificates [Known as STCs]. These rebates are NORMALLY deducted from the cost of any Solar PV System offer, by the provider.

Furthermore rebates are offered by electricity retailers, for any excess electricity exported back to the electricity grid.

Install Solar & Slash Electricity CostsCONTACT US NOW to: Book Your Solar Power Assessment NOW or visit SOLAR PV SOLUTIONS and use the online form to enter your details.



What Will My Solar PV Generate During The Day?

Solar Power InverterIt's important for you to fully understand 100%, what the output of your solar pv system is during the daytime. Knowing this, will allow any solar power system to be sized correctly to offset your electricity use, during the day.

  • TO SMALL  a solar pv system and you will be buying electricity that you could have been generating.
  • TO LARGE a system and you will be sending electricity back into the grid, currently with little return.

As we said before, the current [Feb 2015] Net FIT rate in NSW is only 6 to 8 cents per kW. You make the bulk of your financial return from your net metered solar system, by USING what you generate in realtime. You offset the costs of your normally imported electricity!

The average daily generated power [CEC figures] of a solar pv system in Sydney is:

  • 1.5 kW = 5.85 kW
  • 2.0 kW = 7.8 kW
  • 3.0 kW = 11.7 kW
  • 4.0 kW = 15.6 kW
  • 5.0 kW = 19.5 kW
  • 6.0 kW = 23.4 kW
  • 7.0 kW = 27.3 kW
  • 8.0 kW = 31.2 kW
  • 9.0 kW = 35.1 kW
  • 10.0 kW = 39.0 kW

Using the above CEC figures, you will want to make sure you are using as much of the generated electricity as possible. Doing so means you could have the maximium electricity savings of:

  • 2 kW solar pv : electricity @ 30 cents per kWh : Annual electricity offset = $854
  • 4 kW solar pv : electricity @ 50 cents per kWh : Annual electricity offset = $2847



Install Solar & Slash Electricity CostsCONTACT US NOW to: Book Your Solar Power Assessment NOW or visit SOLAR PV SOLUTIONS and use the online form to enter your details.



How Much Electricity Does My Home Use During Daytime?

Techtoniq Software Showing Daytime Electricity Usage - Click To Learn MoreLet us mention here, that we can work this out for you whilst we are in your home, talking to you about installing Solar PV. If you want to work it out for yourself then please read on!

Well there's a few tricks that we use to work this out. It depends on factors such as, what electricity your using when your home in the the day and what your using when your not.

The most accurate way for us to work out your home's electricity usage during the day, is to have you install a HOME ELECTRICITY MONITOR prior to the assessment. An electricity monitor allows you to easily see the electricity your using during the daytime. This daytime usage is what your Solar PV System will offset. The table displayed, shows bi-hourly home electricity usage during daytime hours.

During the Solar Power Assessment we will analyse your installed monitor's data via a computer connection. A period of two weeks is usually sufficient to get an idea of daytime electricity usage. If you wish to analyse the monitor's data yourself, you will need a PC CONNECTIVITY CABLE & SOFTWARE.

Knowing when you use electricity, will allow the correct size of Solar PV System to be tailored to your home. Importantly a home electricity monitor operating in your home for a couple of weeks, will educate you on your electricity usage habits. You will learn where electricity is being used and wasted. This experience further helping you to save on electricity costs. Everyone who is installed one of our home electricity monitors, has always saved money of their electricity bill!

Once your Solar PV System is installed, the home electricity monitor will be also become your SOLAR POWER MONITORING SOLUTION with the addition of extra hardware. Your new home and solar monitoring solution will keep you notified 24/7 of the power generated above your roof and the power used below it.

Should you wish to have the data uploaded to a PC or on the net accessible from anywhere this is easily done. If we offer the as a service listed on our SERVICES page.

This SOLAR POWER ALERT SYSTEM making you instantly aware, should any issue arise with your inverter's output!



Solar Power Monitoring WebPortal - Click To Learn More


Install Solar & Slash Electricity CostsCONTACT US NOW to: Book Your Solar Power Assessment NOW or visit SOLAR PV SOLUTIONS and use the online form to enter your details.



Electricity Monitors Create Tailored Solar PV Systems!

Remember you can maximise your electricity savings twofold, when installing a HOME ELECTRICITY MONITOR, prior to installing a Solar Electricity Power system.

  • You learn about electricity usage from day 1, allowing you to save on electricity costs.
  • Your installed solar pv is tailored to your daytime [sun hours] usage.





Why Does The Price Vary For A Solar PV System?

The price of any solar pv system can be affected by so many variables. Some of them are:

  • Type of inverter
  • Type of solar panels
  • Government rebates
  • Installation costs
  • Removal of trees
  • Height of roof
  • System design

Our Solar Power Assessment will make you aware of all costs included in the Solar PV system we offer. We make sure there are no hidden costs!

Helping Australians Reduce Home Electricity Costs - Click To Learn More



What About Accreditation & Australian Standards?

All Solar PV installers should be accredited. There are Australian standards that system products need to meet, before being suitable for installation in Australia.



What About Any Warranty & Guarantee?

Solar panels come with a warranty on the efficiency over time. For example this is usually 90% for the 10 years and 80% up to year 25. A guarantee on the panel may be 10 years. Inverters can be anywhere from 5 to 25 years. It's important with any warranty or guarantee, to know who is offering it. The manufacturer or the solar sales business. There will be warranties on workmanship offered ranging from 2 years onward.



Gross FIT Returns

As mentioned NSW had two Gross Feed tariffs of sixty and twenty cents per kW generated and fed directly back into the grid. This type of solar pv system is purely for investment purposes. It does not relate in anyway to your electricity costs, nor the usage under the roof. What is interesting though, as electricity costs rise sharply, profit is reduced dramatically where standby electricity is present. See SOLAR PV GAIN for more information.



Further Assistance For Solar PV Installation

We're Active In Your Community - Visit COMMUNITYIf you have more questions we firstly suggest the Clean Energy Councils SOLAR PV CONSUMER GUIDE


Install Solar & Slash Electricity CostsWhen you are ready to start your electricity bill reduction program CONTACT US to:

Book Your Solar Power Assessment NOW

or visit SOLAR PV SOLUTIONS and use the online form to enter your details.



Solar PV Partners

We've been very careful in selecting who we're working with in the Solar PV industry. We want to be able to offer our clients, new or existing, a solid creditable Solar PV Deal.

An offer that is reasonable and does what it is installed to do, that being to reduce your home's electricity costs.

Keep an eye on our COMMUNITY page, for future community based events.



Slash Your Daytime Electricity Costs - GO SOLAR!






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