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Sydney Home Power Saving Audit


Electricity Prices Are On The Rise So What Can You DO?


Sydney Home Power Assessment ServiceLike so many other Sydney householders, are you at a loss when it comes to the task of reducing home electricity costs? Electricity bills and tariff are just so confusing!

WORRY NO MORE! As you now have a business to CALL FOR HELP offering you a varied range of:

Home Electricity Reduction Solutions


Are you finding it hard to:


  • Understand why your home electricity costs are out of control
  • Find out why this is so
  • Juggle your spare time, to seek professional help that is specifically tailored to your home


Aussie Home Energy easily offers you the help you need, all in one visit.




Switching Retailer & Tariff Discounts

WHAT YOU WILL NEVER LEARN is why your electricity costs are out of control! And sometimes that discount offered of 5% - 16% hides an increase in service charges! THINK AGAIN!

IMPORTANT! Where you're on an old tariff that is not offered anymore, by moving to a new tariff you may lose the chance to return to that tariff! TOO LATE of course when you realise your electricity is now costing you more, on the supposed cheaper tariff! ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS!!! 

The only way to really reduce your electricity bill and keep future costs reduced is to:



Our Sydney Home Power Assessment is the only way you are going to achieve this understanding! What makes us different is we EDUCATE YOU! Meaning from hereon your electricity costs have a far greater chance of being reduced, due to your own understanding of your usage and billing!

Book Your Home Energy Audit NOW!



Proven Electricity Reduction Methods

Our Home Electricity Reduction Assessments have proven, time and time again most homes can significantly reduce electricity costs easily by:


  • Addressing electricity usage patterns
  • Understanding electricity tariffs & billing
  • Learning about electricity reduction alternatives
  • Installing realtime electricity usage and cost monitoring
  • Adding a solar power system to generate sunny hour electricity


IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE FOR US! - Of course whilst all of this may sound overwhelming to you, we make the process of 'understanding' very easy for you. We will educate you on:


  • Why your home electricity costs are high
  • What you can do to reduce electricity usage & costs
  • What energy reduced appliances are available
  • How to change your habits, with the result of a more energy efficient home
  • How to understand your electricity bill
  • How to use your electricity tariff, to your advantage


During your Home Power Assessment, we will further assist you with information on:


  • Home Electricity Monitoring
  • Electricity Reduction Products
  • Solar Power Alternatives


We could go on here, but the simple fact is this, we've helped hundreds of householders to reduce electricity usage and costs. And you're most likely no different to them! All of our clients are initially struggling to find a solution to rising electricity costs, before they CONTACT US.

So why don't you follow their example and call us ASAP? For further proof see our TESTIMONIALS page.

We find clients in NSW often start saving off electricity costs whilst we are in their home. Where they learn how to save and very importantly, learn how to keep on saving money off the electricity bill!

CONTACT US NOW! So we can explain to you, in the comfort of your home, how you can reduce your home electricity costs!

Book Your Energy Saving Audit NOW!



Knowledge is POWER

One common MISTAKE by Aussie householders IS TO JUST CHANGE ELECTRICITY PROVIDER! This is driven by the attraction of a small 5% or 16% discounted saving in electricity costs!

Most householders rushing for the discount make the mistake of thinking they have done all they can! They never stop to investigate their high usage and costs!

Our home power audits show time and time again, these homes are still,


  • Wasting electricity either through usage patterns, appliance standby electricity, or ignorance
  • Using appliances without any thought as to the time it is used, when on a TOU TARIFF
  • Creating a large electricity bill, due to energy inefficient appliances
  • Not understanding electricity billing and tariffs
  • Suffering from high electricity usage and costs



Do NOT Make The Same Mistake!

Get yourself the EDUCATION you NEED and importantly move on from being just a BILL PAYER!

STOP struggling with rising electricity usage and simply enjoy reduced electricity costs in Sydney, by CALLING US NOW!

Let one of our Home Electricity Reduction Assessors, simply take the mystery out of why your electricity costs are rising or high!


Solutions For Electricity Bill Rage


Why Our Electricity Audits Work!


If you have clicked on the above link you now know errors do occur. If you've received one of our business cards or HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION FLYERS in your mail box, then you are very lucky as we are already working or planning to offer our electricity reduction services in your street. And appointments always run out fast!


TOP 7 Reasons We Get Called Out For An Electricity Audit

You are not alone if you are stressing out and worrying over high electricity costs. People like you from all over Australia are calling our office because they wish to simply gain control of their electricity bill once again. Calling us daily and asking for help in addressing such issues as:


          • Correct Electricity Metering
          • Accurate Billing System
          • Appliance Energy Ratings
          • Household Usage Patterns
          • Consumption & Solar Monitoring
          • Offsetting Electricity Costs
          • Best Electricity Tariff


So why not let us help you discover the real reason as to why your electricity costs are high? After an electricity audit of your home you can enjoy reduced costs knowing you have done as much as you can, to save on your electricity costs.



Home Electrical Appliance Listing - Please complete before appointmentAs Easy As 1 2 3 To Book Your Home Power Audit

    1. Contact Us NOW to book your Home Power Audit.

    2. You will receive a BOOKING NUMBER date and time, along with password to unlock the 'Pre-Audit Form' [HOUSEHOLD ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE]. You will be required to complete and return this to us before the audit. This information will assist us before and during the audit.

    We will also ask you to forward your last four electricity bills and a snapshot of the inside of your electricity power box. We will perform a METER & BILLING ANALYSIS and forward you the results along with a list of better electricity retailer's offers based on your last bill!

    3. We will confirm your audit two days prior to the event.

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"We all thank you in this household Aussie Home Energy! We knew the electricity bill was high, hence why we called you in. What we did not realise was though, was how much we could reduce it by! We're still talking about your electricity audit service and telling others it's never to late to start!"



Sydney Home Electricity Reduction Assessment

You get one of our Sydney based Home Electricity Reduction Assessors, in your home for up to 1.5 hours! During this time the assessor will educate you on the ways to knock $$$'s off your electricity bill.

Before we arrive on site, we will have performed for you a METER & BILLING ANALYSIS. The next step is the In-Home Electricity Audit. TERMS & CONDITIONS


    Sydney Home Power Audit Service
    Up to 1.5 hours on-site + Professional Detailed Report
    ONLY $347.00




If you need more time then why not extend your in-home electricity assessment for longer than the default 1.5 hours and pay ONLY $75 per hour!


    Sydney Home Power Usage Audit Service - Additional 1 hour [or part thereof] after initial 1.5 Hours




To make it easy for you to fit our home electricity reduction service into your active work life, we are currently offering you this fantastic rate for 7 DAYS A WEEK but for a LIMITED TIME!

Your SPECIAL OFFER Sydney Home Electricity Reduction Assessment will include:


  • Metering & Billing Analysis prior to the ih-home audit
  • Discussion on home electricity reduction, using REAL proven methods
  • Ideas and suggestions, tailored to your home's appliances and your electricity usage habits
  • A Home Electricity Reduction Report highlighting what we commonly find in homes with high electricity costs. Importantly this same report will offer you suggestions tailored to your home, based on our findings. Helping you to MAXIMISE your electricity savings


Not forgetting of course we Educate You On Your Electricity Usage & Costs whilst we are in your home. And who else does that these days? We will be discussing with you:


  • Why your home electricity costs are high.
  • What you can do to reduce electricity usage & costs.
  • What energy reduced appliances are available.
  • Changing your habits to result in more energy efficient home.
  • How to understand your electricity bill.
  • The benefits of Solar Power if applicable to your home.
  • How to use your electricity tariff, to your advantage.


Aussie Home Energy's 20+ Page Power Audit Report

20+ Page Educational & Informative Electricity Audit Report


The Sydney Home Power Audit & Report is a great way for you to start getting your home's electricity bill back under control. Our professional electricity audit is thorough, our report is precise, clear and detailed. It has often been said by many householders it is the best solution for saving time & money off electricity costs!

What other choices have you? Have you not been JUST A BILL PAYER for far to long?



Further Investigation

If you wish for us to further investigate certain aspects of your electricity usage, billing, costing or other specific areas of concern, with electricity distributors, retailers or the Electricity Ombudsman we can.

Energy Saving Advice Services - Book NOW!



NOW Is The Time For Action

This home power saving service is only a small expense, when your looking at continually rising electricity costs!

We are aware of Sydney homes with quarterly electricity bills of: $900, $1800, $2700, $3600+

Is your electricity bill starting to push a button?

Electricity Savings after the audit & report could be HUGE! So ask yourself the following:





"If you're looking for the best Sydney Home Energy Reduction Business, look no further! These guys wasted no time, in pointing out what I was wasting in electricity costs!

Now my bill is at least 27% less and it's still going down! I would recommend this independent business to everyone sitting on the fence, wondering what to do about rising electricity costs. Call them today....."

Book Your Energy Saving Audit NOW!



Have You Family & Friends With Home Electricity Issues?

When you have family or friends who are confused about where to start reducing home electricity, we ask you to call or email them, with the details of our Sydney home power savings program.



Access Your Home's Electricity Data 24/7 From Anywhere!

If you are interested in accessing your home's electricity usage data online, this is easily done with the installation of a HOME ELECTRICITY MONITOR.

We can get your home electricity & solar data in your face 24/7, on your PC, tablet and smartphone! Now there is NO EXCUSE TO NOT BE AWARE!

Click on the image below or follow this link to see WEEKLY SYDNEY HOME ELECTRICITY USAGE.


Sydney Home Weekly Electricity Usage


How To Choose An Electricity Monitor


Aussie Home Energy - Sydney's Home Electricity Reduction Service


Office : 02 8064 3992      Mobile : 0428 449 422





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