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Aussie Home Energy Saving Services


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Aussie Home Energy is committed to providing you with the best customer service possible. We offer professional and friendly assistance for all of our home energy reduction related services and products.

"I found your website when I decided to analyse what my electricity bill really meant. Thank you so much. Clear information and lots of it. Interestingly, I did the numbers on switching providers using one of the big switching companies, and found that the savings, with the discount, would have been about a dollar on my current bill, and of course would have cost me more should I be one of those who don't pay on time. Invaluable public service, and I'll come to you first when I want an audit."
Anonymous : ACT

We are proud of our continued success in satisfying one customer after another and it is with comments such as the above, that makes all our effort worthwhile.

To make it easy for you to leave your comments on our services and products we have made it easy for you, as you can now either:


  • Forward us a testimonial via email
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Don't just take our word for it though, be sure to read through our customer testimonials on:



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Home Sustainability Assessment Testimonials

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. The assessor was extremely helpful and I am so happy with the report I received. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as professionally and respectfully as you do. I will recommend you to all my friends in the area. Thanks again for helping me to save.
NB : Mid North Coast NSW


My wife had been looking at solar hot water for some time now. It seems our power bills just keep going up and up. The assessor gave us valuable information on how we can further save on the energy costs of our old homestead. We would recommend this service to others.
JS : Taylors Arm NSW



Home Electricity And Solar Monitoring Testimonials

Home Electricity Monitor's LCDGiven the high cost of energy these days, my wife and I embraced the concept of being kept informed in real time, of just what electricity we were actually using day to day. Prior to purchase, our main concern was that such a device would turn us into electricity scrooges; however nothing could be further from the truth with AHE's Home Energy  Monitor.

With it we discovered just how easy it was to determine on a daily basis what we were doing right and more significantly, what we were doing wrong. Basically it has provided us with a more accurate understanding of how to use power correctly, which will ultimately translate into dollar savings for us and equally as important, a saving for the environment!
Peter : Lurnea NSW


The most beneficial thing of the home energy monitor, is the fact I have an accurate reading of my usage.  I live with my sister and her family.  I am in a caravan out the back, so I had to monitor my use so I only pay for what I use. This gets quite costly when paying on an estimate especially with power going up the way it has.  It is surprising how little power I am using actually. I thought it would have been more. I was definitely paying way more with an estimate.
Justine : VIC


Late last year we decided to get on top of our never ending rising electricity bills. So we purchased a three phase home electricity monitor from Aussie Home Energy.

Our biggest saving was to be discovered on our AC. Where we learned the boost option, was costing us dearly! By understanding our AC usage & operation, along with other home electricity savings, we are now looking at a quarterly bill of $1500. Compared to a bill that was $2600!

So would we recommend this monitor as a way to start reducing electricity costs in the home? You bet we would, as for less than $200 and with a little education, we will be saving $1100 per quarter! And that's $4400 per year!

Thanks again Aussie Home Energy, for all your additional help.... 10/10
Scott : VIC


As a result of the discussions I had with you, after analysing my bill, I realised that my electricity provider had been charging me peak rates, for my off-peak hot water. After 1 hour on the phone sorting this out, I am getting a refund of $200 - $300 and a reduction on future bills of $180 a quarter. This refund has already paid for the home electricity monitor.

I also discovered that my pool pump and cleaner are taking a lot of power. Having reduced the pool pump to 6 hours a day from 8 and the cleaner to 2 from 8 I am now halving that cost.

We also discovered that putting the computer into sleep mode saves $10 a month. Heat lamps in the shower cost a lot and the air conditioner is costing 75c an hour.

I am further signing a 12 month contract with my electricity supplier, to save another 10% of the Gov gazetted rate.

Conclusion – I can reduce my bill by 50% from $1,800 per quarter to under $900. Thank you!!
Chris : NSW


Purchasing an energy usage monitoring unit from this business without a doubt, has proved to be an excellent decision. And the experience was a very pleasant one!

Aussie Home Energy provides a first class service, and thanks to their over the phone /  email in-depth technical support, the installation of the unit was very, very easy and painless!

The unit generates a great deal of information by itself, but working together with the bridge device, is truly a fantastic electricity monitoring system!

I'm fairly technically minded, so I thought I roughly knew how much power I exported into the power grid via my solar pv system and the distribution of household energy consumption. Things such as baseline / standby power usage for example, but nothing can substitute getting real-time data over an extended period of time of weeks and months. This monitor is a real eye opener!

I recommend Aussie Home Energy to everyone. Given the constant rise of energy prices these days, I strongly believe that every house should be equipped with such a system.

Thanks again Andrew for your great assistance and support, and good luck with your business!
Mirek : VIC


Recently I decided to attack our home electricity bills. We've recently  built an accredited 6 star energy efficient home. However I wanted to  ensure that what we were plugging into the house, didn't "sink" the  house in unnecessary costs.

However I didn't have the tools to do this. I chanced across AHE's website and completed a query online. As this was a  Saturday, I expected a call on Monday. However Andrew from AHE called me that afternoon.

I was immediately impressed by Andrew's understanding of my situation and clear advice. I ordered a ELECTRICITY MONITORING SYSTEM that day. I now can monitor all my electricity (solar and consumed  power) and have identified culprits (PCs, A/C and chargers). For the  first time I have accurate data to begin making informed decisions about how to save power.

This testimonial really isn't about the  solution, it goes further. Andrew's tireless dedication to ensuring that everything was working 100% is something that I haven't  experienced anywhere in the past years. AHE and Andrew are 100%  dedicated to me getting the best advice 100% of the time. I could not  recommend them any higher.
John : QLD


I had a dilemma. If I was going to invest money in a solar system, how would I know what is being produced, compared to my power usage? A problem quickly solved with an Aussie Home Energy monitor.

I had searched on the internet, but nothing provided me with the "live" solution that AHE offered. I can walk around my home now with my iPad and easily see what my totals are, updated every 10 minutes.

Andrew was very good to deal with, answering complex questions in plain English and offered great support for the devices as well. I would highly recommend spending the money, to get an ONLINE ELECTRICITY MONITORING SYSTEM , where you can easily check every day how your power / money is being spent.
Peter : QLD


Visit the following link for more client ELECTRICITY MONITOR TESTIMONIALS.

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Home Electricity Audit Testimonials

Working with Aussie Home Energy was an eye opener.  The assessor was prompt, professional, pleasant and detailed in his findings. After receiving the report we have now been able to reduce our bill by over $275.
Mr. & Mrs. Brooks : Sydney NSW

Thank you AHE, we're amazed at how we're still finding ways to keep the electricity bill down, using that beaut electricity monitor you left us. Until we read the audit report, we did not realise, we were wasting so much money.
SD : Coffs Harbour NSW

We all thank you in this home, Aussie Home Energy! We knew the electricity bill was high, hence why we called you in. What we did not realise was, how much we could reduce it by! We're still talking about your electricity audit service and telling others it's never to late to start!
F.Crowe : Urunga NSW



Home Solar Power Assessments

I was a bit skeptical about Solar PV at first. Even though I had heard my neighbours go on about the money they were saving off the electricity bills. It looks like they are right though. I am now going to purchase solar for my home. I would recommend Andrew for an in depth discussion about solar power to anyone, thinking about it!
Sue J : Fairfield NSW



POWER Telephone Consultation Testimonials

If your having problems with a sky rocketing electricity bill, I would highly recommend Aussie Home Energy's POWER electricity reduction service by telephone connection.
Mr. Davidson : Port MacQuarie NSW

Excellent independent professional electricity reduction service. Well worth the money and would recommend to anyone looking to cut electricity costs. Two hours of assistance is easily paid for, with the  savings discovered. Thanks again AHE.
ER : Melbourne VIC



FREE Home Electricity Advice

Thanks for the twenty minutes of help. You were detailed and specific in that time and made a lot of things very clear to me.
Joan : Sydney NSW

Thank you for the free information. If I knew the swimming pool was going to cost me $180 per bill, I would have thought twice about this rental!
Kylie : Coffs Harbour

What we like best about the information given by these guys, is the simplicity of the information. Most of the solutions should have been obvious to us, with a little thought. Thanks again AHE.
Peter & Helen : Coffs Harbour NSW


Aussie Home Energy - Where Clients Always Come First


Helping You Reduce Usage & SAVE On Power Costs The Smart Way!
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