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Electricity Meter And Bill Analysis

Electricity Meter And Billing Analysis

Gain Control Of Your Power Costs

Stop The Confusion Now : Frustrated over difficult  to understand electricity bills and meters? Are your costs out of conrol? Let us help you now! 

Designed To Educate : Increasing your understanding of how electricity is metered and billed. Detailed analysis report, with cheaper electricity offers.

Gain Control Again : Electricity metering and billing errors are still common. You are not alone, where high electricity costs are affecting your life.

This Popular Service : Used by concerned householders, to highlight meter and billing issues needing immediate attention. 

Further Information :  Available on our main website and store. 

Home Electricity Audit Assessment Service

Home Electricity Audit Assessment Service

Helping You Understand Power Costs

Pinpoint High Power Use : Our Home Electricity Audit with written guide is designed to show you why your bills are high and what you can do to save!

Concerned Householders : Let us remove the pain when your electricity costs are simply out of control. Easily gain back that control of costs.

Awareness And Education : Both are the key here, to making sure after any Home Electricity Assessment you are in a postion to act and save.

Not Forgetting : Whilst we are in your home we can discuss other power reducing alternatives, such as LED lights and solar power.

Further Information : Available on our main website and store.  

Electricity Help Telephone Consultation

Aussie Wide Electricity Help Telephone Consultation

Electricity Help For All Australians

No Matter Where You Live : This exciting Home Electricity Saving Service, is built around many successful years of delivering professional solutions.

Losing Money Fast : Means you need our help quickly. Especially when you have no idea how to stop the loss! The time is right now, to call our office! 

We Offer You : A Home POWER Audit by telephone consultation . Supplying you importantly with answers as to why your costs are high and of a concern.

Common Discussion Points : What is standby power and how can you reduce it? Energy efficient lights. Are you on the correct tariff? What is your discount?

Further Information : Available on our main website and store.  

Electricity Consumption And Solar Power Monitoring Service

Electricity Consumption And Solar Power Monitoring Service

Maximising Your Solar PV Investment

Exporting Your Investment? : Learn to maximise the use of your solar generated power. We all want to make as much of a financial return as possible, 

Net Metering : In NSW and some other States, there is little paid for exported power, where you run the risk of simply exporting quick financial return.

Missing Information : With a no energy monitoring ask yourself, is your electricity bill telling you what your total power consumption is? We say NO!

Needed Data In Realtime : Let us get you the total consumption, import, export and solar generation all importantly in your face 24/7 from anywhere!

Further Information : Available on our main website.